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If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you’ve noticed that with each passing season, the stars’ celebrity status becomes more of a plot point.

Once anonymous teens, they are now increasingly aware of their fellow cast members, their social media fans, and producers themselves.

So how’s this for a potential plot twist …

Looking Back

Javi Marroquin, the ex-husband of Kailyn Lowry, has been cryptically dropping hints about his dating life ever since the two split up.

He’s dated Cassie Bucka, then Madison Walls, then Lauren Comeau, gushing over all three social media before breaking up in like a week.

Marroquin may be off the market again, however, and with someone Kailyn and her fans know well – and don’t particularly care for, to boot.

Tweeting one of his friends, the father of Kail’s middle child Lincoln suggested that he may be in a long-distance relationship once again.

“I’m telling you bruh. Long distance is nice is you find the right one,” he said, leading followers to ponder who he could be referring to.

The consensus: None other than Briana DeJesus.


“Soooo… @_BrianaDejesus,” one follower wrote, while others quickly piled on, intrigued by the idea that Briavi (Javianna?) could be a thing.

For her part, Briana retweeted a fan who talked about a “plot twist” where they would get together, tagging Marroquin and writing:

"Javi look what [you] did." 

If these two aren’t banging, they’re not opposed to the idea in theory, or people talking about the possibility. That much appears clear.

This is not the first time Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus have been romantically linked, and he’s done nothing to discourage it here. 

Javi previously revealed that Bri’s mom Roxanne has been trying to hook the single parents up, and has also flirted with Briana’s sister.

Javi Marroquin and Brittany DeJesus

Earlier this spring, Javi and Brittany DeJesus (pictured, above) hung out in Los Angeles, a trip he all too happily documented on Snapchat.

Brittany, who has and is expected to continue figuring prominently into Briana’s storylines on the MTV hit show, was quite cozy with Javi.

Naturally, speculation that Javi and Brittany are more than just friends started circulating, which was likely his intention all long.

Guy doesn’t shy away from attention. Just saying.

This is a man who posted the below image of Brittany, which led many fans to the obvious conclusion that the TM2 stars hooked up.

Javi didn’t offer much in the way of details, but he did claim after the fact that nothing happened … she was just in his bed, okay?!
Brittany DeJesus in Bed

"Absolutely not," Marroquin said, with faux incredulity, when pressed on whether they had a fling by celebrity gossip site Radar Online.

"We had some business in LA together."

All we can say is that throwing the DeJesus family into the mix has already proven effective by MTV, and for Javi Marroquin personally.

Whether he’s hooked up with either or neither or both DeJesus sisters, he clearly doesn’t mind their company – or the increased attention.

Briana is ramping up drama on screen and off, which was the point of her joining the cast all along. Says a source close to the production.

"Some of the girls are unreliable with filming and others just are no longer bringing the drama viewers want to see. They needed to spice it up."

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau

Again, it’s not even confirmed whether Javi dumped Lauren Comeau (above), despite how assumed that is, let alone that he’s dating Briana.

There is no hard evidence that the reality stars are pursuing one another, as In Touch Weekly notes, but it’s also far from a major stretch.

Javi said following the season premiere of Teen Mom 2 this year that he couldn’t envision it, in no small part because she was pregnant.

Expecting another man’s child is typically not when someone is looking to date again, but Briana and Luis Miguel split during her pregnancy.

We have no idea if this will come to fruition, but when the dust settles a bit more from their previous relationships, we can picture it.

Marroquin certainly has experience as a great stepdad, and there’s some kind of flirty chemistry there, so one never knows.