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Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff was due last week. So far, there’s no sign that the expectant mom has given birth.

While it’s not uncommon for pregnancies to last beyond due dates, even by a couple of weeks, but it has some fans on edge.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Kiss
Photo via Instagram

In fact, attentive fans of Audrey and Jeremy started to wonder on Monday if the 26-year-old Audrey Roloff had gone into labor.

That looks like it was a false alarm.

However, today it’s Jeremy Roloff – posting and then deleting a pregnancy-related post on Instagram – that has people worried. Is everything okay with Audrey?

Jeremy and Audrey aren’t usually shy at all about sharing what’s going on in their lives.

Whether it’s talking about the keys to their marriage or sharing what they did that day or just sharing baby bump photos, they keep fans and followers abreast of current events.

(We’re sure that they keep some things to themselves – privacy is their right … despite the fact that they’re reality stars. Shocking, we know.)

Audrey Roloff Hospital Photo
Photo via Instagram

Jeremy posted a photo of "Auj" (his cute nickname for Audrey) in the clinic for a scheduled check-up.

That’s pretty standard stuff for when you’re a week (more than a week, now) past your due date.

But he then deleted the post from his Instagram story, which is unusual for him.

People have to wonder — did they get some kind of bad news at what was supposed to be a fairly routine post-due-date appointment?

Here is what Jeremy Roloff posted instead:

"Understanding comes from communication."

"In academics, sports, and even relationships, the depth of which you understand comes from the quality of how it was communicated to you."

Audrey Roloff, After Due Date
Photo via Instagram

That’s right. This whole post is a kind of generic post about their marriage.

It’s personal, don’t get us wrong — but nothing about it screams "by the way, my wife is about to give birth!" He could have written it weeks ago.

"The further we understand our spouse, the more intentional we can be in loving them."

"Me, I’m a fixer, and the more I understand how something works, the better ability I will have in fixing it."

Don’t worry — Jeremy does not turn this into an analogy about "fixing" his wife.

"Similarity, the more I understand what makes Audrey tick, how she thinks, and what she’s going through, the better equipped I will be to love her well."

See? That was way cuter.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Embrace
Photo via Instagram

"Yes this happens over time and through experience, but shortcuts are nice. For us, the Navigators Council journal has been an amazing tool to understand one another."

"It turned knowing Auj is going through something, to actually understanding what it is that she’s going through. (And vise versa)"

It’s not immediately apparent whether Jeremy is talking in very general terms, or if Audrey is going through something — other than the final days of pregnancy.

You can see why fans and followers are concerned.

He continues:

"It also created a ‘good time to talk.’ Finding that time to sit down and communicate can be VERY hard."

And awkward.

A Sweet Smooch
Photo via Instagram

"But having something to actually do, helped in creating that space to communicate."

"This is my shameless plug for the journal that we wrote, believe in and has not only helped us, but is helping marriages from around the world connect, communicate, and grow in love."

Hey, at least he admits that it’s a shameless plug.

But, like, when I talk about things that I like that improve my life, I’m pretty shameless about it.

"If you’re interested and want to read more, the link is in my bio. Or visit #beating50percent #stayingido #navigatorscouncil"

So …

None of this seems to be directly about pregnancy or childbirth.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff, 7 Year Throwback
Photo via Instagram

We don’t know if Audrey is going to need to have labor medically induced.

Or maybe she’s going to need a C-section.

Or maybe … we hate to even say it, but some wonder if there might be something more serious that’s behind the pair very suddenly coming across as evasive about Audrey’s pregnancy.

But you know what? Maybe Jeremy deleted that post because Audrey was going to post something about it.

Or maybe the two of them decided to write a post using a photo from their visit to the doctor.

No matter what kind of news they got, they might want to share things together.

UPDATE: Audrey and Jeremy welcomed a baby girl September 10! Follow the link to see her name … and the first pic of the trio!!