Audrey Roloff: SLAMMED for "Disgraceful" Baby Bump Pics

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On the verge of becoming a first-time mom, Audrey Roloff recently asked for some advice from new mothers around the Internet.

She's anxious to discover how other parents in this day and age are managing to balance having a baby with running a business.

Audrey Bumps

But while the Little People, Big World star is sharing her thoughts and seeking out words of wisdom from these strangers online ...

... a bunch of other strangers online are suddenly offering Roloff words of anger and stupidity over the kinds of things she shares.

The reality star is just one week away from her due date at this point, and has shared a new baby bump photo on Facebook.

This has been par for the course for her, as she's kept followers apprised for months of her changing body in the wake of her first pregnancy.

In this case, at 39 weeks along, Roloff posted the image above of her very, very pregnant self and wrote as a caption:

"Does it get any lower?"

Audrey Roloff at 37 Weeks

The 26-year-old is referring, of course, to her stomach and to how it's practically touching the ground thanks to the baby girl inside.

She's being cute.

She's being funny.

She's being self-deprecating and sweet and endearing at the same time, which is no doubt why she retains such a big following.

That's how many Little People, Big World fans reacted to the message, sharing their stories or tidbits with the TLC personality.

To wit:

audrey advice

Asked another interested Internet user.

“Blessings upon you. Nesting yet?” 

But not everyone was so kind, curious and helpful, as is sadly the case often on the Internet. Some morons were downright mean.

As you can see here:

mean user

For your husband's eyes only?

One's ... belly? Seriously?

Granted, the act of posting such late-term pregnancy pictures isn't for everyone ... but come on. Who wrote this, Jim Bob Duggar!?

Then there was this gem:

audrey hating

Another Facebook user named Priscilla McCollum wrote:

“Why do mothers-to-be want to show their naked bellies?"

We can't say for certain. Nor does it make any difference.

We might ask such critics in return:

Why does the depiction of someone else's growing belly bump, posted by a proud parent-to-be, bother a single person?

If you are turned off by this sight, for some very odd reason, here's a novel idea that we'll pass along at no charge:

Don't look! We're pretty sure no one is forcing you to toggle through Audrey Roloff photos on Instagram. Right?

Audrey Roloff, Smiling Maternity Photo

Roloff and her husband Jeremy are expecting a baby girl on August 31. That little bundle of joy could arrive at any moment now.

She will be the second grandchild for Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff, who welcomed little Jackson into their family back on May 12.

His parents, Zach and Tori, have been very generous ever since with the number of adorable baby photos they share online on an almost daily basis.

And we can only hope Audrey and Jeremy do the same.

We can't wait to meet their first child and we want to make it clear to Audrey that she can post as many baby bump pictures as she wants in the meantime.

Heck, we've made an entire album of them!

Check out the precious images here:

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