Audrey Roloff: Is She in Labor? When is She Due?

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Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are so close to becoming parents ...but it looks like they're still waiting. For now.

Audrey Roloff, Smiling Maternity Photo

Audrey, 26, and Jeremy, 27, are expecting their baby girl any day now and have been getting all the essential things in place beforehand.

This week, Audrey made “padcicles” for post-labor. Jeremy got the baby monitors up and running. Their new home and nursery are set up.

All that's left to do now is wait ... and not for much longer.

Jeremy and Audrey went radio silent on social media in the second half of this week, leading many fans to believe Audrey might be in labor.

Jeremy’s mom, Amy, hasn’t been on social media either, and Audrey’s due date is August 31 - today. So is #BabyRoloff on her way?

Honestly, we're not sure. It's pretty safe bet that she'll arrive within the next few days, but there's no immediate sign that labor has begun.

Audrey Bumps

As for the little one's name, Aubrey and Jeremy haven’t revealed the name they have chosen, nor have they even offered many hints.

She's kept fans abreast of her pregnancy pretty much every step of the way, even when it meant receiving criticism from her followers.

Audrey has openly mused about the challenge of having a baby with running a business, wondering how other moms achieve a balance.

She's posted numerous updates on getting her home ready and packing her bag for the hospital as the due date drew closer and closer.

Still, the beloved reality star has rubbed some fans the wrong way with a number of pictures she posted over the past several weeks.

How so?

Audrey Roloff Maternity Pic

First, some accused her of stealing the spotlight from Molly Roloff with all of her updates from her sister-in-law's wedding to Joel Silvius.

Then there's the matter of her baby bump shots. As her belly grows, Audrey's love for showcasing it on Instagram has blossomed as well.

Some fans aren't pleased at all, slamming what they see as "disgraceful" Audrey Roloff photos, though we think that's a huge stretch.

Part of the criticism stems from the fact that Roloff's emphasis on religion and how such revealing images may conflict with her values.

All nonsense.

People look too hard for things to hate, and just because she's a public figure, feel they can unload on her in remarkably critical terms.

It certainly hasn't slowed her down or led her to censor herself up to this point, and we don't expect her to change after the baby is born.

She's outspoken. Deal with it.

No one's forcing you to follow her online or gaze upon her (beautiful) baby bump. So let's all just live, let live and wish Audrey the best!

There's a baby on the way!

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