Little People, Big World Fans Think Audrey Roloff Has Gone into Labor!

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Audrey Roloff's due date has come and gone, though that's not uncommon for pregnancies.

Some fans of Little People, Big World and of the Roloff family in general, however, believe that Audrey Roloff went into labor yesterday.

And not just because yesterday was Labor Day, although that is a super cute coincidence. ...

Audrey Roloff, After Due Date

Audrey Roloff has been diligent about keeping the world updated through social media on her pregnancy.

She and her husband, Jeremy are excited about the upcoming birth of their child and they want to share this with the world.

We're excited for them.

And we're also excited because Audrey and Jeremy Roloff both have such great hair that we feel like their child, wielding the genetics of both parents, is destined to be a hair model.

Or possibly just Rapunzel.

Audrey and Jeremy haven't revealed the name that they've picked out, or even a hint.

We suspect that the name that they've chosen will be something in keeping with their religious beliefs rather than a name from a popular fairy tale.

Audrey Bumps

Now, on Friday, Audrey Roloff shared that photo of her in that black outfit, looking almost too pregnant to function.

Her caption reminded the world of exactly how far along she was:

"Yesterday was my due date! I can't believe I've been carrying this bump of love for 9 months! Baby girl we are so eager to meet you!"

Yes, we should imagine so.

Even as unimaginably agonizing as childbirth can be, Audrey has to be looking forward to it.

To be done with her pregnancy but mostly so that she can meet her precious baby.

Audrey Roloff, Smiling Maternity Photo

Right now, fans wonder if Audrey might have gone into labor yesterday.

Again, yes it was Labor Day, but that's not what that means.

Audrey has been radio silent on Instagram since Sunday. 

She hasn't delivered any new updates on Twitter, either -- just sharing a blog post about Jesus and proselytizing that has nothing to do with her pregnancy.

(Also, tweets can be and often are scheduled in advance, especially when they're tied to a potential revenue source like a blog)

And then we have Jeremy Roloff's interesting boat analogy that he posted on Instagram:

"Well ladies and gentlemen, we are officially past the due date! We've been sailing full steam ahead, working hard to get the ship ready for land."

That is not the end of the boat analogy.

"And now it feels as if we have sailed into the fog and the water is calm, the air is still, long and wide ripples stretch out from the ship as it slows it's pace. Not a sound except the occasional creek of the bow ... everyone onboard waiting to strike land!"

We've read enough fantasy adventures about pirates to follow that, more or less. It's a weird analogy.

But "long and wide ripples" makes us think of contractions, which you're supposed to time when they start.

Has she gone into labor?

Audrey Roloff, Past Due

The only clue that would make us say that no, Audrey hasn't gone into labor, is that Matt Roloff -- excited to meet his second grandchild -- has been posting on social media.

And not about obvious pregnancy news or labor news or childbirth news.

It seems unlikely that Audrey and Jeremy would go to the hospital without telling Jeremy's father.

It seems equally unlikely that proud grandpa Matt Roloff would totally keep cool and post on social media like always while his second grandchild is being born.

So let's do our best to not jump the gun. Audrey will tell us when she tells us.

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