Maci Bookout Reacts to Ryan Edwards Tinder Scandal: He Can't Be Trusted!

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Ryan Edwards was recently busted hitting on women on Tinder, and Maci Bookout believes this reinforces how untrustworthy he is.

The Teen Mom: OG stars share one son, Bentley, who Maci says is her only concern regarding Ryan's alleged cheating on wife Mackenzie.

Ryan, Mack, Maci

Reports of Edwards sexting on Tinder surfaced last week, as the reality star was apparently caught sending lewd messages and images.

This scandal involving the troubled MTV star comes just a few short months after his bizarre parking lot wedding to Mackenzie Standifer.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you remember the rushed, controversial nuptials on the most bizarre season finale in show history.

You also know the deluge of questions this raised:

Why was he high at the time? Why was she allowing him to drive in such a state, and shutting off the dash cam en route to the ceremony?

More significantly, why were the two hastily marrying in such fashion, without his own son (or anyone but his parents) present for it?

In any event, the way that played out made a lot of people skeptical about the couple's future prospects ... and then came last week.

Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards

A Tennessee woman claimed that Ryan sent her suggestive messages and pics on the app, talking about getting him hard and the like.

Ryan asked if she was "DTF," she said that she was, depending on who was asking, and they began arranging a time and place to "chill."

It's not clear if said in-person meetup actually happened.

We're guessing not, because she said "I want to see more of you" first, and he later admitted who he was and that he is in fact married.

Just looking to have some fun, he said. And show off his d--k, evidently. Not something a wife wants to find out about her new spouse.

She stood by him, though, flaunting her engagement and wedding rings (below) and changing her Instagram name to Mackenzie Edwards.

Still, she was clearly very rattled by what happened.

Privately, Mackenzie confronted the Tinder girl and begged her to stop. The unnamed woman appeared unapologetic and blamed Ryan.

This response prompted Standifer to threaten to deal with her "the hard way," though it's unclear what that specifically entails.

Mackenzie, Ryan's Wife and Tinder Girl

As for Maci's response - especially in light of Ryan's recent issues with addiction and the custody disputes that caused in the last year?

Let's just say she wasn't shocked, which says a lot.

“Maci wasn’t surprised at all about the allegations that Ryan was sexting some chick on Tinder,” a source close to Bookout revealed.

Implying he's been unfaithful before, she “can’t help thinking ... a leopard never changes its spots, and once a cheater always a cheater."

"What really worries her though is his sobriety."

"Maci has had reservations about Ryan being able to stay sober, and this latest scandal just reinforces her belief that he’s not to be trusted."

As for potential backlash from Standifer, Edwards' young wife whom Bookout has clashed with before, Maci is nonplussed.

Mackenzie Standifer Picture

"Maci couldn’t care less about Mackenzie and her feelings. She’s is super worried about Ryan being around their son right now.”

Ouch. Obviously, this is an ugly situation.

Just because Ryan allegedly tried to cheat on Mackenzie doesn't necessarily mean he's not sober, though one can't help but wonder.

It's safe to assume that a man who just got married, yet is asking Tinder girls to "show me how pink it is" is not in a good place mentally.

The danger is that Bookout is caught in a tough situation, wanting to protect her son above all else, but not rankle Ryan and his wife.

Maci questioning Ryan's sobriety or ability to parent Bentley is not something that's gone over well in the past, to say the absolute least.

Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout Photo

A separate source said that the two are sick of Maci’s “drama,” just want her to “move on” and not be totally “obsessed with him relapsing.”

That would be fair, but Edwards' behavior isn't giving him much of a leg to stand on, as you have to think he's a little unstable right now.

Meanwhile, two more women have come forward with claims that he contacted them on the dating app, Radar Online is reporting today.

This isn't altogether stunner, as Tinder matches can be stockpiled rather easily (if you're swiping at all, you're likely doing it a lot).

More shockers could be coming, however.

If these new claims are confirmed and more raunchy messages are revealed, it won't exactly help his marriage ... or custody arguments.

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