Mackenzie Standifer to Ryan Edwards' Tinder Girl: I Want You to STOP or ELSE!

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Ryan Edwards' wife Mackenzie is publicly standing by her man in the face of his recent Tinder scandal, but privately, it's a different story.

One day after Mackenzie Standifer's reaction to rumors of Ryan cheating on her, we can confirm that she confronted the "other woman."

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Pic

Last week, the troubled Teen Mom: OG star was busted reaching out to at least one girl via the dating app, and in graphic fashion to boot.

Not only was Ryan Edwards on Tinder, but asking the girl if she's down to f--k ... and sending her d--k pics after the convo moved to text.

It would be one thing if Ryan simply had a Tinder account and swiped here and there, but sending nude pics and sexts is another matter.

Yeah. The plausible (if unlikely) explanation that he's just on there to make friends or for harmless fun kind of went out the window there.

Ryan married Mackenzie Standifer in a bizarre parking lot wedding this spring, and it looks like their union may have sadly peaked then.

While Standifer made a grand public display of loyalty to Edwards with the photo below (and subsequent caption), she's clearly upset.

Mackenzie Standifer Picture

Thanks to a text message exchange obtained by Radar, we know that Standifer reached out to the girl her husband hit up over Tinder.

“Why did you call me?” the other woman asked her.

Mackenzie told her to, “Please stop playing dumb."

"I know everything,” Standifer, whose relationship with Edwards has been heavily scrutinized from the start, added (see below).

That may well be the case, but as the girl said next, “I’m not playing dumb, just wondering what you want from me if you know everything.”

Mackenzie then put it bluntly, “I want you to stop.”

When the Tinder fling, whose photos have not been released, asked what she would like her to “stop,” Standifer threatened her:

“Guess we will have to do this the hard way.”

Mackenzie, Ryan's Wife and Tinder Girl

It's not clear what Mackenzie means by doing this the hard way, but the Tinder girl he swiped right on made the same point once again.

“I’m seriously not doing anything,” she said.

“Your husband is the one on Tinder.”

The number linked to the above text messages does belong to Standifer, who did not respond to Radar’s request for comment about it.

Edwards began talking to the girl on August 12, and while she claims to have done nothing wrong, she obviously knew who he was.

“Why are you on Tinder? I thought you were married,” she asked, and he didn't deny it, telling her, “I am… I still like to have a little fun.”

Ryan Edwards at His Wedding

She also asked him, “Are you going to f--k me?”

Ryan said he was down, telling her to “Come on then” and sending a selfie along with a penis photo, because guys think girls like those.

“Send me a picture,” he said in response, and lest you think he meant a LinkedIn head shot, clarified, “A sexy one. Let me see how pink it is.”

“Make me hard. Come on. Sent me a video… U playing with yourself… Come over I told you I’ll let u sit on my face so I could get u good and wet.” 

He then sent a second photo of his penis.

Edwards, who fathered Teen Mom: OG mainstay Maci Bookout's eldest son Bentley, has raised concerns about his mental state before.

This behavior will only intensify that.

Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards

Edwards and Standifer tied the knot May 15, after he infamously drove high to their wedding, falling asleep at the wheel and slurring his words.

He entered rehab afterward.

Initially, when confronted about these Tinder antics, Edwards responded, “I’m married. Get [the] f--k out of here with that dumb s--t.”

Apparently, Mac was buying it or putting on a good front, sharing the above photo of herself with her wedding and engagement rings.

In her caption, she shared a quote that said the following, in reference to herself presumably: "She's bad ass with a good heart. Soft but strong."

"Unapologetic and honest."

"She's the type of woman you go to war beside, the type of woman you m a r r y." (The emphasizing spaces between the letters are hers.)

She also changed her Instagram handle to Mackenzie Edwards, having been Mackenzie Standifer up until this very incident.

Time will tell how long it takes her to change it back, or whether we'll see this unfold when we watch Teen Mom OG online.

More significantly, it will be interesting to see if he addresses this in a more meaningful way, or if they can get through this.

Here's hoping.

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