Life of Kylie Recap: The Truth About Tyga

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It was out with the old rapper and in with the new rapper on Life of Kylie this week.

The installment once again centered on the show's main star whining about her fame and good fortune, specifically how being in the spotlight has negatively affected her dating life.

Kylie Jenner Gets Deep

(Note to Kylie Jenner: Don't want to be famous? Want to experience life a non-celebrity for awhile? Maybe don't star in your own reality series.)

“I really want to live on a farm and have chickens and raise animals and have a family,” Kylie said early on, actually going with a realtor at one point to see about a farm for sale.

Despite her desire to be far away from the paparazzi, Jenner decided it wasn’t the right time to make this move - but she did at least pick up some chickens to raise at her Calabasas home.

We're not kidding. 

“I can’t just not live my life and hide in the house," she said.

Which is true. But, as mentioned parenthetically above, she could not invite cameras into that house.

After determining she’d stick around and stare down the celebrity gossip headlines straight on, Kylie touched on her split from Tyga.

(The stars dated for well over a year, but called off their romance this spring after many up, downs and rumors on both sides.)

Caitlyn with Kylie

“The hardest part about having a relationship, for me, is just that it’s blasted all over the Internet,” Kylie said, adding:

“I feel like I’m in a relationship with the world sometimes."

As for why she and Tyga are no longer an item?

Kylie didn't get into any real details, but she had nothing but kind things to say about the artist who will soon return to non-Kardashian obscurity:

"There was absolutely not one thing wrong with me and T. He and I will always, always have a bond.

"There was no crazy fight, we just decided...Well, I decided that I'm really young.

"I don't want to look back in five years from now and feel like he took something from me when he's really not that type of person."

Kylie and Tyga Look Weird

Sick of the spotlight, Kylie took a break from filming late in the installment in order to go buy a new Bentley.

(Seriously, her life is SOOOO hard, you guys.)

Close friend and co-star Jordyn Woods tried to explain where her pal was coming from with the purchase, getting all profound for viewers by saying:

“Materialistic things can only make you feel so good. I really think that with Kylie, it’s really about trying to grasp something that you can’t control.”

Toward the end of the painfully scripted episode, however, Kylie had moved on from riding a new sports car to possibly riding a new man.

The 20-year old giggled at her phone while receiving a bouquet of flowers, even bringing producers into it because she simply could not contain her excitement.

"Did you guys see all my flowers?" she asked the crew while surrounded by quite a number of roses. 

"It looks like someone is obsessed with you," a producer replied.

"I hope the person I'm dating's obsessed with me," Kylie said with a huge smile. 

This person, of course, is current beau Travis Scott.

To see what Jenner had to say about him, and to also see what Caitlyn Jenner had to say when she paid her daughter a visit, click on the above video to watch Life of Kylie online now.

Just be warned: You may grow very ill as you do so.

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