Kylie Jenner-Tyga Breakup: Is It Getting Ugly?

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When we first learned that Kylie Jenner and Tyga had broken up for the 47th time, our initial thought was that they'd quickly get back together, just as they had on the previous 46 occasions.

When it became clear that Kyga was well and truly dunz-o this time, we assumed the couple would attempt an amicable split, the kind where Tyga still occasionally pops up on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, maybe sipping tea with Kris Jenner, a la Scott Disick.

A Kiss for Tyga

Now it looks as though Kylie and Tyga are throwing us a curveball in that respect as well.

Sources close to the ex couple are now claiming that the split has ignited a full-blown Kard clan civil war:

According to Hollywood Life, the family and their hangers-on have been divided into pro- and anti-Tyga factions, with Lord Disick himself leading the pro-T-Raww movement:

"Their split has caused a major rift in the family,” a family source tells the site.

“Scott has always gotten along with Tyga and has been encouraging Kanye [West] to keep him on his label. Scott doesn’t want to see his friend get iced out of the family cause Tyga and Kylie are on the outs.”

Kylie Jenner at 2017 MET Gala

Apparently, the rapper's first baby mama is also on his side, but not because there's any truth to the rumors about Blac Chyna and Tyga getting back together.

No, it seems Blac's decision to join Team Tyga was motivated purely by the bottom line:

“She knows firsthand how bad he is with money and wants her baby daddy to stay working,” says the insider.

These days, it's rumored that Kylie is dating Travis Scott, and the relationship has reportedly led Tyga to the conclusion that Kylie won't be running back to him this time.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner in NYC

“Tyga’s beginning to feel quite threatened by Travis and for the first time ever thinks he could end up losing Kylie [for good],” an insider tells Hollywood Life.

“Travis is winning at life! He’s on a successful tour... and every time he turns around he’s being offered a new opportunity of sorts. It’s been a while since Tyga’s seen that type of action."

Yes, not only does Travis have Kylie, he also creates music that people actually purchase and intentionally listen to.

We don't think there's any doubt about who's coming out on top in this rivalry.

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