Farrah Abraham Hangs at Strip Club, Gets Mom-Shamed Online

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You never really hear any praise for Farrah Abraham's parenting, and there's good reason for that.

Simply put, Farrah is not a good mom.

To be fair, however, she's not the worst mother in the world, either.

Farrah Abraham Wax Figure

No one's ever accused Farrah of physically abusing 8-year-old Sophia or endangering her through neglect, but there's still ample reason to believe the Teen Mom: OG star frequently puts her daughter at risk.

One of Ms. Abraham's most troubling habits is her tendency to treat Sophia more like a grown-up friend than a daughter.

Farrah has talked about Sophia's future sex tape in disturbing fashion on more than one occasion.

At one point, she signed Sophia up for Snapchat and likely would've continued to allow her to use the service were it not for the fact that Sophia's account was suspended after she began interacting with strangers late at night.

Sadly, there are many more examples of Farrah behaving inappropriately with her daughter.

It's good that Farrah's social media followers are quick to call her out when she pulls this sort of thing, as she genuinely seems to not have any idea of what's appropriate and what's not.

Of course, this is 2017, a time in which everyone takes everything too far at all times, so Farrah is occasionally dog-piled for behavior that's not really all that atrocious.

The above video was posted to Farrah's Instagram page over the weekend.

It shows Farrah flashing cleavage, sipping champagne, and making it rain, all in promotion of the Crazy Horse III strip club in Vegas.

Not typical mom behavior, but it's not like Farrah brought Sophia along on her night of debauchery.

Despite that, fans were quick to slam Farrah for setting a bad example for her young daughter.

"You are THE worst role model for your daughter, I feel so sorry for her growing up and thinking this is acceptable and what women do to get money!" commented one follower..

"She needs to be taken off teen mom. She's not acting like a mom. She puts herself above her daughter," wrote another.

Farrah Abraham Walking the Street

"I feel sorry for your daughter. She grows up with a nanny and not a REAL mother," remarked a third.

Sigh. We really, really hate to have to defend Farrah because as we said earlier, by no definition is she a good mom.

That said, she's a grown woman, and as long as she her daughter remains completely uninvolved, there's no crime in Farrah making a living in the sex industry.

Sure, Farrah is involved in many other business ventures, which means she shouldn't need to strip or promote strip club events or do porn or sell plastic molds of her vagina, but if she's free to pursue these lines of work if she so chooses.

So let's save the criticism of Farrah's parenting for the many, many occasions when it's well-deserved.

Don't worry, we're sure you won't have to wait long.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to relive all of Farrah's parenting low-lights.

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