Kailyn Lowry Breastfeeds, Claps Back at Baby Name Haters

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Kailyn Lowry wishes she could be at home resting comfortably with her newborn son.

But still people on the Internet won't let her do so.

Kailyn Lowry and Sons

Back in early August, Lowry gave birth to her third child, a baby boy she created via sexual intercourse with someone named Chris Lopez.

We don't know a lot about Lopez, but - as cited above - we do know his name. Which is more than we can say about Kailyn's latest child.

The famous Teen Mom cast member has not yet selected a first name for her third son, prompting some to speculate that she's drawing out the process simply to remain in the news.

Others, meanwhile, appear to think Lowry is holding out for some company to actually sponsor the name... which would be hilarious and almost admirable if true.

But Lowry insists this is complete nonsense, responding to a few critiques on her Instagram page as follows:

Kailyn Lowry defense

It sounds as though Kailyn legitimately has not come up with a name for her baby boy just yet, and she has many more days remaining, under Delaware law, to do so.

Lowry, meanwhile, has spoken a few times on the topic of Lopez and whether he'll be prominently involved in his kid's life.

Or whether he'll be involved in any way, shape or form at all.

"Kailyn’s relationship with Chris has been like a roller coaster, an insider previously told Hollywood Life, adding:

"After he showed up for the delivery, and drove them home from the hospital, Kailyn thought there was going to be a good chance he would actually be in his son’s life.”

But the verdict remains out, although Lopez has given his baby mama a reason to be optimistic.

Last week, seemingly upon spending time with his son, Lopez Tweeted:

"My lil man put a smile on my face every time I look at him lol."

Kailyn Lowry as a Teen Mom

Welcome to fatherhood, man.

As you can see in the cute photo above, Lowry has been posing for many photos these days with her newly-expanded family.

She's also been posting many photos these days of her newly-expanded family, including one of her breastfeeding Unnamed Son Number-Three.

See for yourself:

Kailyn Lowry Breastfeeds

This isn't the first time Kailyn has snapped a photo of herself providing sustenance to a child.

Back in the day, she openly took critics to task for somehow finding fault with this course of natural action.

"Like I’ve said to many people, if my baby’s hungry then I’m going to feed my baby whether other people like it or not," Lowry wrote in 2014, adding in a separate interview:

"I think it’s crazy and unbelievable that anyone would be offended by breastfeeding."

We don't agree with everything Kailyn Lowry says or does.

But in this instance, we're totally on her side.

You keep doing you, K. Lo. And you keep feeding that precious baby at any time and in any place.

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