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Taylor Swift dropped "Look What You Made Me Do" late last night, and the world rejoiced. Well, except for Kimye.

Except that now another "celebrity" seems to be taking issue with the song, or with Taylor Swift herself.

Danielle Bregoli, of all people, decided to take a shot at the singer’s upcoming album. With a must-see parody album cover.

Taylor Swift, Danielle Bregoli Split

Taylor dropped "Look What You Made Me Do" last night, and it is still, as of this writing, trending on Twitter.

That’s the power of Taylor Swift, you guys. Plus, you know, a bunch of people are only just listening to it today.

Just as Kim Kardashian had feared, Taylor’s ire and her song were aimed squarely against Kanye West.

Even before Taylor released the single, she revealed the album cover after days of teasing the album with snake videos.

The cover clearly parodies media coverage, as you can see:

Taylor Swift Album

The album, Reputation, comes out November 10th. 

That’s so soon but somehow also an agonizing amount of time to have to wait, you know?

Partially switching gears here, Danielle Bregoli is starting her rap career.

Becoming a viral sensation for bad behavior on Dr. Phil and using that to launch a career in music and reality television is probably not the American Dream that the Founding Fathers envisioned, but … most of them owned other human beings, so we probably wouldn’t want to live in their vision of 2017 anyway.

She’s chosen the rap handle for herself, "Bhad Bhabie," which is … like, we’re trying to be nice here, because she’s only fourteen years old, but … that’s really stupid.

Like, we’d phrase that more nicely to her face, but it’s dumb.

(Her target audience is likely more people who will identify with her white trash branding — they don’t just listen to Country music!)

She responded to Taylor’s album cover and new single by posting this image, and it kind of seems like she’s itching for a fight.

Danielle Bregoli, Taylor Swift Album Parody

Danielle Bregoli seems like she’s itching for a fight.

She even has Taylor’s album title crossed out in red, with "F–k a" written above it.

And, not for nothing, but Danielle Bregoli and Kim Kardashian have met.

So, does Danielle want Taylor to cash her ousside?

(Which, in English, means "catch her outside," that they might engage in fisticuffs)

Well, at the risk of smearing Danielle’s brand identity of being 100% ready to fight anything and everyone for no reason whatsoever …

(Seriously, somebody get that girl some help, please)

… No, probably not.

Taylor Swift and Her Phone

This seems like more of an attention-grab.

Right now, Taylor’s a majorly hot topic again, and Danielle or her management wanted to capitalize on that.

If insulting Dr. Phil alone were a ticket to lifelong fame, we’d all be celebrities.

Danielle may have the general temperament of a foul-mouthed Scrappy Doo, but this seems like it’s all business.

We don’t even think that Danielle is trying to insult Taylor’s album.

The red line crossing out Taylor’s title? Danielle has a similar strikethrough on her own music’s art.

And "F–k a Reputation" is very in-keeping with Danielle’s, well, reputation.