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One of the world’s most beloved female pop stars is coming out with a new album this fall.

Huh? Taylor Swift? Well, yes. She is.

But Demi Lovato actually beat her fellow artist to the announcement punch this week, flying a bit under the radar upon telling the world that she has a new record on the way, as well.

Demi Lovato Cover Art

"New Album: Tell Me You Love Me coming September 29th. Pre-order tonight at Midnight ET!! #TellMeYouLoveMe," Lovato wrote on Instagram this past Wednesday, August 23.

She released the title track from this same album at the same time.

"Tell me you love me/I need someone on days like this," Lovato sings on the single, adding:

"I hope I never see the day that you move on and be happy without me."

Unlike Swift, Lovato is not known for skewering ex-boyfriends in her music.

She split last year from Wilmer Valderrama after like six years of dating, but he recently attended a birthday party for Lovato. The stars remain on great terms.

Demi Lovato Looks Serious

“So excited to share this with you,” the Lovato Tweeted of her latest single and the forthcoming album. “These songs mean the world to me.”

The Grammy nominee, who unveiled a star-laden music video for her hit “Sorry Not Sorry” in July, recently concluded a tour to promote her new music.

“I’m releasing an album later this year, so my fans can look forward to that,” she told Billboard in May. “It’s more soulful and I want to go more R&B with it.”

As for what fans can expect from it?

“Everyone goes through ups and downs and I’m getting to write about that,” she also previously said.

“I’m at a new chapter in my life, so whenever I’m writing, I keep that in mind.”

Demi Lovato Promotional Pic

Fans, meanwhile, can expect to see A LOT of Lovato over the coming days and weeks.

On Saturday, she will sing the national anthem at the heavily promoted fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

On Sunday, she will perform "Sorry Not Sorry" at the MTV Video Music Awards.

After that, we don’t know for certain.

But we’d have to assume plenty of interviews and live performances and Instagram photos in promotion of the upcoming album are on the way.

We can’t wait!

Whose album are you more psyched for, that of Lovato or Swift?