Danielle Bregoli: "Cash Me Ousside" Girl to Return to Dr. Phil Show

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As you may or may not be aware, the world is effing bonkers these days.

That observation applies to just about every single thing that's going on at the moment, but for the moment, we'll focus on how seemingly random fashion in which people become famous on the Internet.

One day you're sprinkling salt on a steak in an interesting way or being appointed to the National Security Council despite a total lack of qualifications, and the next day the Internet is meme-ing you within an inch of your life.

The latest beneficiary (or victim, depending on your viewpoint) of this strange phenomenon is Danielle Bregoli, better known as the Cash Me Ousside Girl:

In case you're lucky enough to be unaware of this latest social media star, Danielle appeared on the Dr. Phil Show back in September.

For some reason, the Internet decided last month that her appearance was too gloriously bizarre to not become the stuff of meme legend.

In fairness, they were right about that.

The accent, the threat to fight the entire audience, referring to a bunch of middle-aged mom-types as hoes, and of course - the catchphrase.

Cash Me Ousside Meme

In recent weeks, "cash me ousside" has been immortalized in countless memes, and Bregoli bragodoccio has been celebrated with the sort multi-layered irony that can only be found on social media.

Do people love Bregoli? Hate her? Does it matter?

Not in 2017!

Hell, Bregoli even received the rare honor of being memed IRL, as the kids say:

Cash Me Ousside Church Sign

Howbow dah, indeed!

Now, Dr. Phil and his producers are sending some seriously mixed messages by rewarding Bregoli's behavior with another interview!

Yes, the 13-year-old will make a triumphant return to the show that made her famous some time next week.

The Dr. Phil Show shared the news this on Thursday, but the air date for Bregoli and Phil's second round has yet to be announed.

Will she offer up material for more classic memes?

Howbow Dah Meme

Probably not, as the joke is roughly 4 billion years old in Internet years, and it seems unlikely that Danielle will show Harambe-like longevity.

But will she deliver through-the-roof ratings?

Also, probably not, because if Snakes On a Plane taught us anything, it's that Internet lulz usually don't translate to commercial success in other media.

But hey, at least Danielle will get to enjoy a rare 16th minute of fame.

And to that we say, howbow dah?

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