The Bachelorette Recap: Who Earned Hometown Dates?!

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As The Bachelorette spoilers (or any Bachelor Nation member) could've told you, the final episode before hometowns did not lack for drama.

With Rachel Lindsay's half dozen remaining suitors leaving it all on the table, there were plenty of intense conversations and hard choices.

The million-dollar question heading into Monday:

Would the final four as predicted by Bachelorette spoilers all season long hold true? Or would an unexpected contender pull an upset?

Certainly, three of the six guys left had an edge.

Rachel announced at the onset that there would be three one-on-one dates and one three-on-one, clearly raising the stakes for each.

Obviously, if you're going on that three-on-one, you're in the lower tier, which is undesirable. Bryan Abasolo did not end up there, clearly.

He and Rachel enjoyed a luxurious date in Geneva, Switzerland, buying expensive things and making out. Life could be a lot worse.

Later, Bryan said that the last time he brought a girl home, the romance ended soon after, but he promised his family would love Rachel.

“I was on cloud nine after my last date with you, and I’m going higher,” Rachel said, giving him a rose. “I have to come and meet your family.”

Bryan, 37

Dean Unglert's date after that was ... awkward by comparison, as they went to a Catholic mass conducted in French which they don't speak.

Moreover, he was just nervous and generally off, unable to open up about feelings or even make small talk for whatever reason.

Perhaps his youth was showing at last.

Dean, 25, later admitted a lot of “internal conflict” about getting a hometown date, as he feels like the “black sheep” of this group.

His family, he said, is less than perfect.

Every family is, but after Rachel called out his weird behavior, he opened up about it finally, saying his mother died a decade ago.

As for his father, "he is not a person that has any bearing on my emotional experience ... my concern is that you would judge my family."

Not judging them on their own merit, he meant, but using that first impression to determine "what our potential family could be.”

Dean, 26

Rachel assured him she would not, He got the rose.

Peter Kraus received the final one-on-one date, and rose, soon after that. Unlike Dean, he talks about his feelings quite freely.

One of the early favorites, he told Rachel that the process had been hard for him, knowing she was also dating the other guys.

Kraus admitted he'd never been with a black girl before, but told Rachel that his parents would be supportive of anyone he fell for.

He also said, in a bit of a jarring admission, that if he got to the end and proposing didn't feel like the right thing, he wouldn’t do it.

Of course this gave her pause, how can it not, but at the end of the day, it's honest and refreshing that he would be so true to himself.

On to hometowns for Peter!

Peter, 31

Finally, it was the dreaded three-on-one between Adam, Eric and Matt, all of whom knew the odds weren't good and they had to go all in.

Matt was the first to go, though not for lack of trying. Rachel said through tears that other relationships had progressed faster than theirs.

Adam felt he was a lock to win this three-on-one, and Rachel conceded that he was a guy who cherished every “single second” together.

That wasn't enough.

She sent him packing too, ultimately choosing Eric, which Adam felt was a huge mistake on her part. Clearly she doesn't agree.

Eric Bigger spoke about his tough upbringing and how he is motivated to help others because no one ever helped him in life.

He has also never brought a girl home, because he was never shown love and it's all new to him to feel what he's feeling now. 

Until next week!

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