Rob Kardashian to Loved Ones: I Am SO Sorry!!!

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Rob Kardashian has not said a word in public since last Wednesday.

The troubled star has gone radio silent since his inappropriate / disturbing / borderline illegal rant against Blac Chyna last week, but not in private.


According to a new report, the 30-year-old has actually talked a lot to his family since stirring up his latest and most significant controversy.

And the mostly one-sided conversations, per TMZ, have allegedly gone like this:

I'm so sorry!

Please forgive me!

I'm an idiot!

No, really, a total and complete idiot and moron!

Insiders tell the aforementioned website that Rob has apologized to his mother and all of his sisters, taking full responsibility for lashing out at Blac Chyna on social media few days ago.

He says he knows he messed up by sharing naked pictures of his ex-fiancee; he regrets turning private pain into a public scandal; and he won't make the same mistake again.

His Life is All About Dream

On the last point, Chyna has obtained a temporary restraining order that would actually make it illegal for Kardashian to bully her on Instagram or Twitter in the near future.

So Kim Kardashian and company better hope, for their brother's sake, that he's being sincere when making these vows.

Rob insists he has never beaten Chyna, however, a damning allegation the mother of two has now made on more than one occasion.

In an interview with ABC on Monday night, she didn't get into any details, but did tell a reporter that Kardashian punched her this past April.

You can watch her make this claim in the video above.

Robert Kardashian, Blac Chyna

As part of his mea culpa to other Jenners and Kardashians, Rob also acknowledged that they were right about Chyna from the beginning.

Yes, this latest incident is all his fault.

But Kardashian knows his loved one have said from the outset of his relationship with Chyna that she was nothing but bad news.

However, he stuck it out with her despite all their problems because he wanted daughter Dream to grow up in a two-parent household. That's at least a nice sentiment, right?

It obviously won't end up happening now, but Chyna is on record as saying she does want Rob involved in the child's life.

"I would never try to take Dream from her dad,” Chyna said this week. “Hopefully, me and Rob can learn to have common ground and be the best co-parents as we can be."

That sure would be a welcome change.

According to this same TMZ report, Rob's relatives - who pleaded with him to stop during his meltdown - have accepted his apology.

They haven't remarked on the situation on social media or in any interviews because they don't want to cause any more damage.

To the credit of the Kardashians, they really do seem focused on what's best for Dream and aren't about to risk her future.

By slamming Chyna online or anything of that nature, they certainly won't be advancing the long-term interests of the little girl.

Hopefully, the worst of this situation is now behind everyone.

As long as they keep the well-being of Dream at the forefront of their minds and before they take any kind of action, things may end up sort of okay in the long run. 

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