Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: Let's Have a Baby Already!

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From what we keep hearing, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are in love.

So in love. So very, very in love. Probably the most love anyone's ever been in, ever.

Gwen Stefani in Black with Blake Shelton

Theirs is a love story like any other: they met on a singing competition show, and when both of their marriages fell apart at the same time, they healed each other.

That's been almost two years ago now, if you can believe it, and ever since then, they've been 100% adorable.

They've been adorable on The Voice, they've been adorable at each and every public appearance they've made, they've been adorable on social media.

They've especially been adorable on social media when any or all of Gwen's three sons with Gavin Rossdale are also involved.

Which leads us to out point ...

Isn't it high time they had a baby already?!

Gwen Stefani in Red with Blake Shelton

A two-year relationship is more than enough time in Hollywood to make the commitment of having a child together, and it's obvious Blake is fatherly with Gwen's sons.

So what's holding them back from having one of their own?

According to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life -- nothing!

Absolutely nothing is holding them back from making a baby, and the source even says that "Adding to their family is in the game plan for Gwen and Blake."

"Gwen loves being a mom," the source explains, "and as much as she thought she was done having kids, that all changed when she met Blake."

"She feels like Blake is her true soul mate and there's nothing she'd love more than to have a baby with him."

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's 41st Birthday

Having a baby would be a very big decision though, and not just for the obvious reasons.

As we've said, Gwen is already a mother of three, and she's also got a very busy schedule. A baby would seriously throw them for a loop.

And besides, she's 47 years old right now -- a time when most women have an extremely difficult time conceiving, if they can even conceive at all.

But whatever happens, Blake "isn't putting any pressure on her."

However, "they're trying" to get pregnant right now, because having a baby together "is something he wants just as much as she does."

What a darling little story, right?

And it would be so sweet to see Gwen have such a happy ending after the mess that was the end of her marriage to Gavin.

Make it happen, universe!

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