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Jenelle Evans’ estranged husband Courtland Rogers is still in jail following his arrest in April, while she’s a free woman (and moving in with Nathan Griffith).

As his trial approaches, however, Rogers is gearing up to clear his name – which will entail blaming her for the drugs and violence they were busted for.

Jenelle and Courtland got popped April 23 in his mother’s North Carolina home for heroin and assault after they got in brutal fight and called the cops.

Courtland Rogers Mugshot 2020

Courtland has since been unable to come up with the $80,000 bail he needs to be sprung from the pokey, but believes he has a “rock solid defense.”

“Courtland is planning to make sure his lawyer and the judge know the drugs in the house were not his, they belonged to Jenelle Evans,” the source said.


Rogers’ entire defense “is going to be that they weren’t his drugs. He was already on probation and wasn’t going to risk anything for drugs.”

“Jenelle is the one who brought the drugs into the house, she even had a rhinestone pipe that she was smoking out of,” the source revealed.

Evans’ camp says Courtland set HER up and that he attacked her as well. At least for the time being, police appear to be buying her side of the story.

She’s living in Myrtle Beach, after all, not the county lockup.

Either way, when the police arrived at the house, they found 12 bindles of heroin – enough to earn a distribution charge – and promptly arrested both.

“Courtland didn’t know that he would be arrested too,” a Rogers friend said of their altercation. “He never thought Jenelle would say they were his drugs.”

The source said that people close to Courtland Rogers warned him from day one about dating Jenelle, the oft-troubled star of Teen Mom 2.

“As soon as he started going out with her, we told him ‘get ready to go to jail.’”

How prescient.