Jenelle Evans to Fans: STOP Saying I'm Pregnant!

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In an interview published yesterday, Jenelle Evans spoke about her difficult past and opened up about having finally found domestic bliss with her three children and fiance, David Eason.

Today, the new, chillaxed, enlightened Jenelle has a message for her many fans on social media followers:

Stop making up lies, or she will cut you!

Jenelle Evans' Car Selfie

As you may have heard, some fans are under the impression that Jenelle is pregnant with her fourth child.

The Carolina Hurricane took to Twitter today to set the record straight as only she can:

“You all need to chill spreading rumors about being pregnant!" Jenelle tweeted.

"I got the mirena BC implant immediately after having Ensley. No more babies!” 

The birth control specifics are a nice touch, but really, Jenelle shouldn't be surprised that fans are hesitant to believe her.

For one thing, Jenelle lied about her third pregnancy for months before a car accident police report revealed that she was indeed knocked up.

Jenelle Evans' Kissy Face with David Eason

On top of that Eason seemed to confirm the latest rumors just last week.

It now looks as thougn Jenelle and David were trolling their followers, which is fine.

It's certainly their right to have some fun with fans who are perhaps overly interested in the events of their personal lives.

But Jenelle doesn't get to spend a week misleading fans and then become outraged when they believe her lies.

It's times like this we're reminded that Jenelle can declare herself a fully-matured super mom who's ready to regain custody of her eldest child, but until she demonstrates that maturity through her actions, no one will buy it.

And we're not talking about going an entire day without screaming in her mother's face and baching her on social media.

Jenelle Evans Waist Trains

We're talking about an extended period of time - months, or maybe even a year! -  in which Jenelle doesn't get arrested, isn't involved in any messy public feuds, doesn't show signs of being an unfit parent, and refrains from snapping at the fans who made her famous..

We know it won't be easy, Jenelle.

But that's the thing about being a responsible adult - it's rarely easy.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of the roller coaster that is the life of Ms. Evans.

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