Kylie Jenner: Look at My Boobs, Not My New Lips!

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It looks like Kylie Jenner's back at it again.

Not just with social media pics -- well, that too -- but it looks like she may have gotten a little work done.

A little more work done, anyway.

Kylie jenner's Lips on Snapchat

We know that we're supposed to be looking at her boobs here, emphasized as much by that white top as by her seatbelt.

But our eyes keep darting to those lips.

They don't just look plump, they look painfully full.

Kylie's admitted to overfilling her lips in the past, but we guess that she hasn't learned from past mistakes.

Though ... really, if she learned from past mistakes, we all would have forgotten who Tyga was in, like, 2015.

If only.

Kylie Jenner's Lingerie for Lipkits

These lips don't just look big, they look painful.

Anyone who's ever microwaved some chicken apple sausage -- because who has time to cook with an oven? -- can easily imagine those lips bursting open under pressure.

We keep touching our lips and wincing at that pic, you know?

It's one thing to inflate your lips too much for taste.

But it's another thing to make them look so big that it's hard to close your mouth..

Kylie Jenner's Instagram Underboob

Regular, non-painful big lips look good.

You don't have to follow fashion magazines or even put that much thought into the faces that you find attractive to do that.

Just, like, go to the character creation screen of any video game -- the better looking faces are gonna have the lip size sliders pretty far to the right.

As far as fashion is concerned, yeah, you have to grudgingly admit that Kylie's been a part of people worrying so much about having big lips.

Just like the Kardashians as a whole have been influential in the conversation about butt sizes.

But isn't to say that they deserve credit.

Kylie Jenner Social Media Pose

See, the Kardashians seem to be all about cultural appropriation.

From putting their hair in dreads or cornrows to trying to claim ownership over bodily features associated with black women, the Kardashians are what you'd call problematic.

And while Kendall Jenner, when she's not starring in tone-deaf Pepsi controversies, usually just does her modeling thing instead of raiding African-American culture and claiming the spoils as her own, Kylie is a major offender.

We might not be saying this if we thought that her curves were 100% grass-fed free-range organic, because your body shape is your body shape.

But ... come on, guys.

Kylie's figure is such an hourglass that you expect a movie villain to dramatically turn her upside down to begin a countdown.

Kylie Jenner Has Implants

The lips are such a big thing, because when the good folks at Black Twitter blow off some steam, it's not uncommon to hear them look at white celebrities who are being praised for their looks and wonder where that star's lips are.

Which is, you know, a harmless critique, and Kylie "fixing" her own lips might not be a big deal if she didn't then use them to market her own lip products.

As if big lips are a Kylie thing. It's kind of like how the white cheerleaders in the movie Bring It On always stole the routines of the black cheerleaders.

And the thing is that, despite the probably millions of words written on the subject of Kylie's very specific antics, she's probably not even aware of it.

Celebrities exist in a bubble, folks.

To Kylie, any well-conceived criticism on social media probably gets drowned out by random vitriol until it all just looks like "haters."

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