Salma Hayek Topless Photo Makes the World a Better Place

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Salma Hayek's appearances in film and on television are wonderful, and not just because she's more than a little on the busty side.

But also that.

Well, now she's giving the world the gift of toplessness, and we all need to take a moment to express our gratitude.

Salma Hayek in Persimmon

So, Salma Hayek shared a topless photo where she is looking all kinds of amazing.

That's no surprise, since Salma Hayek always looks gorgeous.

She captions the photo:

"When the party is over .... cuando se acaba la fiesta..."

Nice of her to make even her captions bilingual. Salma Hayek's cited her biligualism to mock Trump, showing that she doesn't need her looks to do good in the world.

(To be honest, I would have translated that second line "when the party ends," which is only slightly different but it shows how long it's been since I took Spanish)

The photo shows her face looking serene and perhaps relieved.

And it shows the rest of her being very much topless.

Salma Hayek Topless

Thank goodness for bathrooms with mirrors on both sides, huh?

They're clearly not just for spotting missed tangles in your hair or whatever.

Why take a regular ol' mirror selfie when you can take an Infinite Selfie?

In this case, that means infinite toplessness.

Of course, this is on Instagram, so she self-censored a bit.

It looks like she's still wearing the dress from the party, but that she's let down the front of it.

This looks to us like an impulsive photo, where she took it off and realized that her hair and everything still looked good enough for a photo.

You don't see this side of a lot of stars all that often, you know?

Well ... maybe it's not so unusual with some of the younger celebs.

Paris Jackson loves being topless and doesn't mind sharing photos of it.

And then there are Kendall Jenner's weird topless selfies, also made with the use of mirrors.

For Salma's age group, though, it's way less common.

But still a gift.

Salma Hayek in Purple

Now, we've been to our share of parties, topless and otherwise, and we're reasonably confident that Salma is just celebrating "letting it all hang out."


Like, regular bras can be uncomfortable for regular-boobed people.

Salma Hayek does not have regular boobs.

Salma Hayek has extraordinary, category-5 boobs.

That comes with a price, and that price is paid in comfort.

Also, we don't imagine that a dress like the one that she was wearing was accompanied by a run-of-the-mill bra.

All sorts of outfits can be hell on boobs, mashing them into different position in ways that look great but feel like a mammogram.

Salma Hayek's Ample Cabbages

We're glad that she got to let them free.

Honestly, undressing after any dress-up occasion is one of the world's best feelings.

Like a naked butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

Honestly, a lot of people feel that way just after wearing any clothes at all.

Salma may be a beautiful and talented celebrity, but this is a good reminder that she can be pretty relatable.

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