Khloe Kardashian: ACTUALLY Pregnant With Tristan Thompson's Baby?!

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Stop us if you've heard this one ...

Just kidding, you've heard this one many, many times before, but it bears repeating.

Especially since this time, the "Khloe Kardashian is pregnant" rumors are coming from Khloe herself.

Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian Match Clothes

As you've likely heard by now, Khloe is dating Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While some Cavs fans have pressured Tristan to dump Khloe and have gone so far as to blame the team's recent loss in the NBA Finals on "the Kardashian curse" the tabloid media has been doing the opposite, by attempting to rush these two to the altar.

(Side note: C'mon, Cavs fans. The reason your team lost is that the Warriors are basically an elite squad of super-humans, a la the X-Men.)

Not long after they started dating, Tristan welcomed a child from a previous relationship.

The situation put Khloe in a bit of a tough spot, and sources say she immediately began pressuring Tristan to get her pregnant.

We highly doubt Khloe is that emotionally unstable, but the pregnancy rumors have been flying fast and furious ever since, and it's not like she's doing much to put a stop to them:

Khloe Kardashian Snapchat Collage

That's a photo collage from Khloe's Snapchat that was posted earlier this week.

As you can see, she wrote the words "dad & mom" beneath a Polaroid of herself and Thompson.

Reps for Khloe were quick to explain it away as a pair of unusual nicknames the couple uses for one another.

We suppose that's possible, but we're gonna take issue with that explanation for a number of reasons:

For starters, we're not here to judge whatever you get up to in the bedroom, but what couple just openly calls one another "Mom" and "Dad" in public venues?

That's just weird.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on New Year's Eve

On top of that, it's not like Khloe doesn't google herself on a daily basis.

She knows she's at the center of approximately 43 billion pregnancy rumors at the moment.

And she knew exactly how this post would be received.

So either this is Khloe's way of subtly announcing her pregnancy to the world, or she's just messing with us.

Come to think of it, neither outcome would surprise us in the slightest.

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