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Paola Mayfield may star on 90 Day Fiance.

But she’s clashed with her husband over the past several months for photos Mayfield starred in last year that likely caused her to also star in the fantasies of men around the globe.

Paola Mayfield

Or at least men around the globe who watched Mayfield on the aforementioned TLC reality series and have a clue who she is.

The aspiring fitness blogger and model posed for a racy pictorial back in 2016, angering husband Russ at the time because he was raised in a conservative household in Oklahoma.

Paola, meanwhile, hails from Colombia.

She has always been far more open with her body, but she gets now why Russ was upset about all the skin showed a little while back.

"I’m getting more into fitness and that requires to be a little bit more revealing, something that my husband is not that happy [about]," Paola told Fox News, adding:

"But he’s getting to the point [of] trying to understand my position that I’m not doing it just because I want to expose myself."

Mayfield goes on to say she isn’t trying to be Kim Kardashian here.

Her goal is not to gain social media followers by randomly taking off layers of clothing; she wants to build an actual career. 

Paola Mayfield Picture

"[It’s not] like, ‘Look at me! I’m half naked.’ No, it’s because I actually [want to] motivate people to change their lifestyle," Mayfield explains.

Russ says it was difficult to watch his wife strip down on the previous season of 90 Day Fiance. It made him feel uncomfortable.

But he’s also trying he hardest to see things from Paola’s point of view.

"She’s promoting herself through her workouts and also through her modeling to show all the hard work she has done for her body and I’m very proud of that," Russ tells Fox.

On this week’s return of 90 Day Fiance, Mayfield cut her hair and dyed it blonde after her agent said such a change would help her take the next professional step.

She also spoke to friends in Colombia who made it clear they don’t think she and Russ make for a very good match.

With Russ still in Oklahoma and Paola in Florida, questions remain over how much of a future they really have as a married couple.

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"I think I learned my lesson, but I think that was the biggest fight that we had," Mayfield says in this interview about her topless shoot.

"I wasn’t expect[ing] to do that either. It just, I don’t know, it happened so fast, but it was classy. I wasn’t showing any… showing too much, of course.

"It was sexy but yeah, oopsie."

Russ is glad she sees it this way.

There’s only so much public nudity he can handle from his wife.

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"There is a point that I like to make sure she keeps it classy," he says, explaining:

"I come from Oklahoma and I’ve got my conservative morals and values and I’m not going to change her and she is who she is and that’s what I love about her."

"I’m all yours," Paola jumped in to say at this point in the Fox News discussion.

But for how much longer? That’s the question in the minds of 90 Day Fiance fans everywhere.