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Remember when Cash Me Ousside girl Danielle Bregoli was cited for marijuana possession? Well, that didn’t go away.

In fact, the fourteen-year-old aspiring reality star’s recent court appearance included pleading guilty to marijuana possession as well as multiple other juvenile offenses. 

… Howbow dah?

Danielle Bregoli in Orange
Photo via Instagram

We’re so accustomed to reality stars who deliberately exaggerate their personas for the camera.

Many people assumed that Danielle Bregoli was doing the same for fame.

They didn’t understand that she’s just … like that.

They just saw a young hero insulting Doctor Phil to his face.

(While most of us just make fun of the Walrus Man behind his back)

Danielle was in court to plead guilty to a number of juvenile charges, including marijuana possession.

But also filing a false police report and also grand theft.

She’s been busy, especially for a 14-year-old.

These charges were mostly before she was famous.

For stealing her mother’s car and purse and calling the police to "falsely" accuse her mother of domestic assault.

(We’ll get to that one later)

Danielle Bregoli Stands Tall
Photo via Instagram

Ira Meskowitz is Danielle Bregoli’s estranged father, and he’s started a GoFundMe to get custody of Danielle.

He apparently asked the court at Bregoli’s hearing to restrict her internet access (which is kind of out of left field), and that request was denied.

His alleged reasoning was because she posts constantly (like all humans who participate in society) and that her management team encourages her terrible behavior.

That last part doesn’t sound so far off.

Though we suspect that her managers don’t want her to actually get into legal trouble, so they might have a tempering effect on her.

Now, this is interesting, since we’re looking at a father who didn’t seem at all interested before his child became famous and started raking in money.

Anyone else reminded of Justin Bieber?

Except that she skipped the "teen with the voice of an angel" thing and dove directly into inflammatory statements and legal problems.

Danielle Bregoli with Long Fingernails
Photo via Instagram

Usually, our first instinct is to be wary during custody disputes.

After all, we don’t know anything about Danielle’s father.

We don’t know if he has Danielle’s best interests at heart as he claims and we don’t know what sort of parent he would be.

Unfortunately, we know all too much about Danielle’s mother.

You know how sometimes you have a friend growing up whose family seems perfectly nice, but that friend is so messed up that you realize that there must be something seriously wrong in that household?

Well, when it comes to Danielle Bregoli, we unfortunately don’t have to wonder.

There’s years-old video of Danielle Bregoli’s mother Barbara being violent with her daughter, and … it’s not for the faint of heart.

Danielle has dismissed it as the two of them "playing."

Sadly, she probably believes that this is acceptable behavior.

And, well, it explains a lot.

Barbara’s under investigation for the abusive video, but the justice system was not designed to protect children, so we won’t hold our breath.

Obviously, because the world is terrible, a video of a mother being violent with her child doesn’t preclude anyone from being a reality star.

Just look at Kate Gosselin.

Danielle Bregoli on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Honestly … I’m of two minds about this.

First of all, she’s been banned for life from Spirit Airlines after punching another passenger and also been involved in a bar brawl.

(Yes, bar brawls are apparently real things and don’t just happen on TV … and apparently even 14-year-old viral stars can participate)

So her behavior is absolutely atrocious.

But we don’t think that she’s one of those ultra-rare kids who are just born with zero impulse control and a host of violent or otherwise negative impulses.

It seems pretty clear that her life so far has led her to be exactly who she is, and we’d guess that her terrible mother is the driving force behind that.

But as bad as her behavior is … she is a viral star, and she should get to reap the benefits.

Not just because she’s earned a reality show by being entertaining, though you could argue that she has.

Imagine how much continued fame could transform her life.

Being a reality star won’t discourage her from bad behavior, sure.

But maybe having a lifestyle worth keeping will make her want to change.

And while she’s no Ariel Winter, maybe she’ll attain some independence from Mommy Dearest sooner rather than later.

We still don’t trust the long-lost-dad scenario where he suddenly cares about her well-being.

It seems more likely that he cares about Danielle Bregoli’s net worth, don’t you think?