Kim Zolciak Shares Topless Photo: LOOK!

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It's pretty safe to say that Kim Zolciak loves her fame and she loves having fans.

Having fans means having followers. She's reached a new social media milestone, and she's clearly in a thankful mood.

And what better way to celebrate a ridiculous number of Instagram followers -- and, let's be clear, 2.5 is a lot of millions -- than with a topless beach photo?

Kim Zolciak Topless at the Beach

"Hands up! THANK YOU for 2.5 million!! I appreciate all of you," her caption began.

Honestly, this photo isn't surprising.

We all know that she looks great, and there's no shortage of Kim Zolciak bikini selfies

Even if she's been accused of photoshopping them.

Toplessness is kinda just the next logical step, and this isn't even her first brush with that.

If you're gonna celebrate a milestone, go wild, you know?

Kim Zolciak's Bikini Mirror Selfie

What is kinda surprising to read is the rest of her caption.

"I love getting feedback (most of the time) from you guys. You guys keep me up to date with all things I miss. I love reading your comments/stories. Thank you for sharing in this journey (with me) we call "life."

No, the surprising part of that isn't that she comes across like English isn't her first language.

It's just ... weird how much she seems to delight in genuinely reading the comments that her followers leave.

Kim Zolciak In Yet Another Bikini Selfie

If hell exists, then surely celebrities who end up there spend eternity reading every single comment that their followers make.

Most celebrities don't read everything that people write to them on Instagram. Like, even compared to Twitter comments.

Part of that is just that Instagram isn't really designed for conversations -- at all.

The other part is that even a lot of positive Instagram comments just come across as wildly thirsty.

Sometimes bordering on sexual harassment.

"No filter" is supposed to apply to the photos, people, not to the things that you blurt out online.

Kim Zolciak's Butt

Maybe she really likes engaging with them on a genuine, human level.

Maybe part of is an inability to look away, like when you scroll down to read the YouTube comments even though no one should ever in their lives do that for any reason.

But part of it could be a savvy approach to social media. Followers are way more likely to stick around if they feel like their voices are being heard.

Talking about her appreciation for comments can encourage them -- and more followers -- without her having to try to respond.

Honestly? It's probably a blend of all three, with a major dose of vanity thrown in to boot.

And at her level of MILFdom, a little vanity is pretty understandable.

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