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It seems that despite the many obvious examples that indicate otherwise, just about every young reality TV star assumes they’ll be famous forever.

Some are smart and invest their money, knowing that the reality audiences are a fickle lot and the gravy train won’t keep running til the end of time.

But most are far more delusional, mistakenly believing that the public’s fascination will remain constant.

Farrah Abraham in Jamaica
Photo via Instagram

Farrah Abraham is an extremely rare case, in that she seems to have adopted both strategies.

Farrah owns several frozen yogurt stands, and she’s engaged in several … less family-friendly business ventures, as well.

We’re talking, of course, not only about Farrah’s sex tape, but also the vibrating plastic molds of her various orifices which can be purchased from a number of fine online retailers.

As a reality star and a porn star, you’d think Farrah would realize that the odds of her ever achieving mainstream celebrity status are virtually non-existent.

But you would be assuming that a cogent, self-aware thought has ever passed through Farrah’s mind, and that’s clearly not the case.

Farrah on the Red Carpet
Photo via Getty Images

In an unintentionally hilarious new interview, Farrah reveals that she dreams of one day gracing the silver screen.

And since we’re pretty sure porn theaters are a thing of the past, that means she’ll have to land a legitimate acting gig.

“I will always have a place in my heart for reality TV as I [have] history in reality television and for social issues time and time again-– but I must continue creating in a different way in my free time,” Farrah tells The Sun.

That’s some grade-A Farrah-babble, right there. *kisses fingertips like an Italian chef*

Love the random insertion of the phrase "social issues" into a sentence in an effort to lend gravity to what she’s saying.

That’s not even close to how words work.

Farrah Abraham Fashion Fail
Photo via Getty

Anyway, there are several reasons why it’s hard to take Farrah’s pledge to ditch reality TV for Hollywood too seriously.

One of which is that she’s currently filming a new reality show!

Yes, Farrah is starring in Love Socially, a UK series in which she’ll use Twitter and Instagram to help her locate bang-able fans.

Not the greatest title when you have Farrah on board.

Just makes us think of a social disease.

Watch Teen Mom online so that you can tell your friends you knew about Farrah before she hit the A-list.