Farrah Abraham Sex Tape 2: Lesbian Sequel Filming Underway with Toochi Kash!

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Teen Mom and celebrity gossip legend Farrah Abraham loves to say, almost as often as she breathes oxygen, that she is not a porn star. 

She totally is, of course, having starred in a hugely successful porn film ... and is about to star in another. Oh yes, she's doing it AGAIN!

Farrah Abraham Up Close and Personal

One of the great pathological liars of our time, Farrah's never going to change her story. She is not a porn star and she's standing by that.

Despite starring in a high-production-value, critically acclaimed, commercial smash of adult film, for which she was paid a small fortune.

Clearly, the allure of money and/or getting paid to f--k are just too great, because we're about to see a second Farrah Abraham sex tape.

This time, a sex tape of the girl-on-girl variety!

You may have observed earlier this week that Farrah Abraham's Instagram photos featured significantly more boobs and butt than usual.

And that is saying something, we know.

Well, these things tend to happen when you host pool parties in Sin City, which she did along with some equally uninhibited friends. 

When you pay Farrah money to host a wet, wild shindig in triple-digit temps, you'll get your money's worth from her and her scantily-clad pals.

Seriously, the photos are straight ridic.

But, according to Fame/Flynet, the photo agency that obtained the images splashed over the web, she was also in Vegas for something else:

"[Farrah] is back in the porn scene shooting a lesbian erotica video for lexotica (dot) com with International published model / entrepreneur Toochi Kash."

Oh yes. Three words: Lesbian erotica video.

Abraham may be keeping this film on the DL (you know, because she's not a porn star) but she is hardly dialing down the PDA with Toochi Kash.

Who is actually pretty hot, FWIW. Like whoa.

In any case, one can just imagine how she'll try to explain this one away once the word, and girl-on-girl action, shockingly "leak" online.

We're anticipating a lot of incoherent nonsense about haters and people disrespecting her, and/or self-righteous boasting of her moguldom.

Maybe in the same breath. Because #Farrah.

One can also imagine how high both the live streaming demand and Sophia's therapy bills will be as a result of this instant sex classic.

In Abraham's world, she's doing what she has to do to provide for her daughter, and on some level, this is defensible and even admirable.

Still, there is likely a line somewhere that shouldn't be crossed, and it's likely been crossed and then some by the Backdoor Teen Mom.

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