Farrah Abraham Gives Herself Good Yelp Reviews, Is Too Embarrassing to Live

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Farrah Abraham is always awful, but usually her acts of terror fall under two categories:

1. Mean, and 2. Dumb.

And this new thing? It's most definitely dumb. The dumbest, maybe, in the history of Farrah Abraham, which is definitely saying a lot.

Farrah Abraham in a Pink Dress Photo

Perhaps we should be happy that Farrah isn't being actively horrible at the moment, that no one's really suffering for this.

But it's hard to be happy when you're cringing so hard that you can't even move. The secondhand embarrassment is real.

OK, so Farrah has that frozen yogurt shop, Froco, right?

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that many of her segments in the last season of the show were dedicated to her work at Froco.

Those scenes included, but were certainly not limited to, her struggles with her employees, her struggles with her friends and family and their inability to help her with the shop in a way that she saw fit.

Farrah Abraham in Sunglasses

Froco was also responsible for those stupid sunglasses that Farrah wore so much throughout the season.

But if you put aside Farrah and everything Farrah stands for and also those sunglasses, you can see that the shop actually looks pretty cute.

And hey, it's frozen yogurt -- how are you going to mess that up?

But still, Farrah's gotten several negative reviews of her business on Yelp, enough that she felt the need to address those reviews in this video:

It's almost enough to make you feel bad for the girl, right?

No? Nothing's enough to make you feel bad for Farrah?

Well, hold that thought, because this latest development just might be embarrassing enough to change your mind.

Farrah -- poor, simple Farrah -- tried to battle the reviews from the haters with an extra positive one.

The only trouble is that Farrah wrote the review under her own account, and she also wrote it from the point of view of a particularly satisfied customer.

Here, you'll see.

Farrah Abraham Yelp Review

"This is an Awesome Froyo location," she wrote.

"It's fun and has free events."

"Coba the mascot is awesome the children love him," she continued in that classic Farrah eloquence, "the sunglasses are sold out a lot."

And then there's the kicker ...

"And Farrah the owner is a celebrity so of course this is one of the best frozen yogurt brands in america."

Really, Farrah? Really?

Farrah Abraham in a White Dress Photo

She didn't stop talking herself up there, though.

She came back to the shop for a minute, pointing out:

"They have drawing boards, drinks, coffee, tea togo [LOL] and healthy options of frozen yogurt like no sugar added or non fat or gluten free!"

But then she advised readers to "Check it out in person forget all the cyber bullies who are jealous!"

"#HARDWORK pays off! GO FARRAH !" she finished.

The Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home

So that's Farrah Abraham for you.

Pretending like another human being on the planet would talk like that, and that that person would care enough about her business ventures to leave a review on Yelp.

Oh, what won't this girl do?!

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