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Would you want to date Farrah Abraham?

This sounds less like a premise for a reality series and more like the opening line of a horror story, but apparently this show is really happening.

Farrah on the Red Carpet
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Okay, so there’s going to be a new reality series called Love Socially.

"The new show is called Love Socially," Farrah told Us Weekly. "It’s based with MTV UK and International, so a division of Teen Mom. [It will be filmed] in Australia, London and four other countries with four other celebrities."

The premise? Six celebrities — but, remember, we’re talking about Farrah’s tier of celebrities — will search the globe for their ideal dates … using social media.

That means choosing dates from among their followers.

Which sounds absolutely nuts.

So … perfect for Farrah.

Farrah Abraham in Jamaica
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Now, reality show dating isn’t necessarily the same as real life dating.

Though that doesn’t mean that one or two unhinged people won’t slip through the cracks and make it onto the show — aside from Farrah, we mean.

Even without a dating show, some fans get obsessed and disconnected from reality and genuinely believe that they’ll form a relationship with a star, just because they admire them so much.

Of course, Jake T. Austin is dating one of his biggest fans, so the world is full of possibilities … we guess.

Farrah Cleavage
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We’re sure that hopefuls who are crushing on Farrah — and you know that they exist — might imagine that they’ll form a real connection with Farrah on their TV date.

But, like, doesn’t she already have a boyfriend?

She and Simon Saran just celebrated her birthday with a romantic dinner.

He’s gone on social media and mocked any depictions of her dating lately as "FAKE," which tells us that he’s a guy with a fragile ego who thinks that he needs to tell reality TV viewers that not everything’s real.

So, uh, his reactions to Love Socially might get all kinds of interesting.

Farrah also said that she and Simon aren’t actually together, which is honestly priceless.

"We’re not together…I think people just got confused by me celebrating my birthday also in Jamaica which, oh well, I had a romantic dinner!"

Yeah, we’re sure that he loved that.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran on Vacation
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Honestly, it still couldn’t be worth it.

Even someone who genuinely likes Farrah — and those are in short supply — would be driven off.

Farrah is a major attention-seeker, even among reality stars.

She’s also in a well-publicized feud with her mother, which is some next-level baggage when people think about the potential in-law situation.

The actual dates sound like every celebrity’s nightmare and every stalker’s dream.

So, at the very least, Love Socially should be entertaining.