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If you’ve been keeping up with Amber Portwood lately, you know that the girl’s life is a great big mess right now.

Really, just the hottest mess that’s ever been.

Matt Baier with Amber Portwood
Photo via MTV

Sure, things were bad a few years ago when she was doing drugs and beating her then-boyfriend, Gary Shirley.

But these days Matt Baier is in the picture, and while Amber isn’t in the same place she was back then, she’s in a different, still horrible place.

For instance, with Matt, she has to deal with a manipulative, creepy douchebag who lied to her about how many children he has.

Matt is also the subject of several cheating rumors, so many that Amber felt the need to give him a lie detector test last month — which he failed.

For the past few weeks now, it seems like Amber’s been going back and forth on whether or not to break up with him.

Portwood, Baier
Photo via Instagram

And now, she’s got some advice from an unlikely source: Michael Abraham, the man whose seed spawned Farrah.

In a new interview, Michael got real about his feelings on the situation, starting with the news that Matt is missing the taping of the reunion show for this season of Teen Mom OG.

Matt’s claimed that his skipping the reunion because he has to have surgery, but rumor has it that he and Amber are actually not together right now.

That, or he doesn’t want to face any questioning about his deplorable behavior this season.

"I saw the rumors," Michael begins, "so called surgery … possibly a real breakup from Amber… we will have to see."

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic
Photo via Instagram

"But I’ll say this — if he’s not there it shows he is not committed to supporting Amber no matter what ….. AND he is NOT committed to the MTV Teen Mom franchise."

He says that everyone knew the date of the reunion, and everyone else is fulfilling their obligation to be there, and if Matt isn’t, then "there is no excuse for him to not be there, unless he is finished."

Michael and Matt have some issues … remember, during The Great Teen Mom Brawl of 2016, the two of them fought while Amber went after Farrah.

Michael’s said that Matt seriously injured him, but now he says that "a ‘real’ apology could close this matter," but "this issue is not over, and this time Matt not be able to sidestep his responsibilities."

Farrah and Amber Square Off

He won’t elaborate on what he means by that, but we surely can’t wait to see!

Next, Michael is asked about the latest round of Mamber breakup rumors. He’s not buying them just yet, but if it’s true, he’ll be happy for her.

"Just like all the mothers of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, I wish them all to have healthy, happy, and prosperous lives," he explains.

"I hope this is real for Amber’s sake because she deserves better for her life — period."

Preach, Michael. Preach.