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Oh, what a treat this is! What an unexpected, unbelievably trashy treat.

Because hey, remember back in December when the Teen Mom OG reunion special aired?

It was pretty standard — or at least it was until Farrah Abraham said that Amber Portwood’s boyfriend, Matt Baier, looks like a pedophile.

Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood Fight
Photo via YouTube

With Farrah and her boyfriend, Simon Saran, just trolling Matt incessantly, Portwood finally hit her breaking point off camera.

Amber promptly stormed the stage, trying to fight Farrah.

She hurled insult after insult at her rival, and she even threw a punch at her, but fortunately (unfortunately?) it missed the mark.

Crew members stormed the stage to pull Amber away from Farrah, at one point Matt got physical with Farrah’s father, Michael.

It was a mess. An epic, chaotic and glorious mess.

But while it was fun to watch, it was a little difficult to watch too, as the level of physical violence escalated to nearly dangerous levels.

Amber was really letting loose with the curse words. It was kind of hard to understand what she was saying, MTV had to bleep her out so much.

And that’s where this new video comes in.

Matt Baier in a Headlock
Photo via MTV

MTV has released the uncensored video of the fight, so that now we can hear exactly what Amber says to take Farrah down.

There’s no love lost between the two OGs.

Nor has there been for years, to be honest, but this kind of burned any remaining bridges that may have previously existed.

If you thought the fight had a Jerry Springer vibe to it before, then this new version is going to absolutely blow you away.

Check out epic fight in the video below: