Matt Baier: I Will NEVER Marry Amber Portwood!

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Things between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier ... well, they're still not looking so great.

And what incredible news that is.

Matt Baier with Amber Portwood

Tensions have been high between them for a while now, but last week while they were in L.A., things came to a head after Matt failed a lie detector test.

Specifically, he failed because he didn't tell the truth when answering questions about cheating on Amber.

She flipped out, and rightfully so, and told him to go back to their home in Indiana, pack up his things, and be gone by the time she returned.

In the days after the test, she gave some strange statements about Matt.

"I can't say we're together right now and I can't say we aren't together right now," she explained in an interview. "It's a weird situation."

Portwood, Baier

Then, in a statement she gave about the rumored split, she said "As of now, we are not broken up."

It really seems like she's at a crossroads when it comes to Matt, and like she's taking her time to decide what she wants to do.

But if this new Teen Mom OG sneak peek is anything to go by, she needs to dump that creep immediately.

The clip begins during Amber and Matt's trip to Las Vegas -- you remember, the one they took in February when Matt tried to make us all believe they were getting married.

It turns out that they actually were considering a wedding, but before they committed to anything, Amber called her brother Shawn from a chapel.

"Would you be mad if I got married in Vegas and then had a ceremony somewhere else?" she asks him.

Shawn and Amber Portwood Photo

Shawn, who's usually pretty level-headed and supportive of her, tells her that "it's kinda not cool," but that she's an adult and she can make her own decisions.

It was a perfectly reasonable, respectful response, and Amber did ask him for his input.

But Matt's not having it.

He gets snippy with Amber, who tells him that she doesn't want to get married, at least "not like this," to which Matt very maturely responds "All right, whatever."

She tries to explain to him how important it is to have her family's support, and he shuts down completely.

Matt Baier with Amber

In a really disturbing turn of events, he discounts her feelings, then when she begins to get upset, he goes to comfort her, telling her that he's not doing anything wrong.

With footage like this, it's easy to see how hard he's manipulated her over the years.

So Matt tells Amber that he understands that her family is important to her, that everything is fine between them, but adds "I will say that what your brother just did to you was wrong."

Just a reminder: what her brother did to her was offer his opinion when asked.

Amber asks Matt not to talk about her brother like that while the cameras are rolling. They end the conversation, and then Matt turns to a producer and says "I will not marry her now, ever."

Sorry, what?

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier selfie

"I'm not going to let her brother dictate my life," he goes on, and when the producer tries to talk sense to him, he says "She wants to marry her brother. That's who she wants to marry."

"F-ck her, she just humiliated me on TV. I'm done. Done."

OK, so one more time, Matt is saying that he'll never marry Amber and "f-ck her" because she wants her family to be at her wedding, and her big brother wants to see her get married.

Yeah, sounds like a totally reasonable dude that you'd for sure want to spend the rest of your life with, right?

As of now, we're still not sure what's going on with Amber and Matt. He keeps writing gushy things about her on social media, but she hasn't been responding.

Hopefully it's because she's finally realized what a massive creep this guy truly is.

Fingers crossed, everybody.

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