Amber Portwood & Matt Baier: Headed to Marriage Boot Camp?!

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Despite the fact that she's been feuding with Farrah Abraham for well over a year now, Amber Portwood seems to take a lot of her career cues from her least-favorite co-star.

First, Amber planned to star in a sex tape - a trail initially blazed by Ms. Abraham.

Now, it looks as though Portwood will be following in the Backdoor Teen Mom's footsteps once again - but this time she plans to remain fully clothed.

Matt Baier with Amber Portwood

Radar Online is reporting that Amber is headed to Marriage Boot Camp, alongside her most recent ex, Matt Baier.

You may be thinking you yourself, But Amber isn't married. In fact, she dumped Matt Baier like a week ago!

Those are both very good points, but it seems that these days the "Marriage" part of the title is being taken as a mere suggestion.

Farrah isn't married either, but she appeared on the show's recent "Family Edition" alongside her troubled parents ... who are also not married.

Anyway, there's been no official announcement from either Amber or the show, but insiders say it's a done deal.

Amber Portwood: Pissed at Matt Baier

“They’ve been in talks with production for a while,” says one source.

Tellingly, reps for the show didn't deny that Amber is involved when they were reached by Radar for comment.

So does the fact that Amber and Matt are appearing on the show together mean that they're hoping to reconcile?

Not necessarily.

Shows like Marriage Boot Camp often pay six figures for just a few weeks work, and we imagine Baier could really use the money.

Matt Baier on Teen Mom O. G.

Amber is far more financially secure, but she must realize her time as a top-level reality star will likely come to a close within the next 2-3 years, and she's hopefully putting away a nest egg for her daughter (and the remaining decades of her own life).

Amber hosted an Instagram livestream last night and openly laughed at the suggestion that she's only worth $288,000, telling fans that she owns individual cars worth more than that.

We think it's safe to say she's living a bit beyond her means these days.

So Amber and Matt will probably just go on the show, scream at each other a lot, and then go their separate ways, each considerably more wealthy than before.

Watch Teen Mom online to remind yourself of how ill-suited they were as a couple.

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