Woman Calls Police on McDonald's Over Late Chicken Nuggets

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Nobody likes to have to wait too long for their food, and fast food restaurants are supposed to live up to their names.

But most people don't get so hangry that they feel the need to call the police.

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

McDonald's chicken nuggets are a fan-favorite.

Sure, health nuts and vegans don't especially care for them, but in general, people crave the flavorful little delights and their various dipping sauces.

But a woman in Waco, Texas apparently loves them too much.

According to Waco police Sergeant W. Patrick Swanton, a woman called 911 because her chicken nugget order had taken too long and was insufficiently cooked and she believed that she should receive them for free.

Police arrived as she was making the call -- because employees had already called 911, reporting that the customer had become belligerent and confrontational.

Swanton's post to the department's Facebook page was fairly lighthearted:

"Yes it happens!! We actually had the chicken nugget call last night!"

He added a little more information.

"Officers called to a restaurant drive-thru because a customer was mad her nuggets didn’t get cooked quick enough and why she couldn’t get them for free."

She got a refund but she did not get her nuggets for free.

On the plus side, she got to drive off instead of going to jail for causing a disturbance or abusing 911, so we'd say that she was pretty lucky.

Ronald McDonalds

McDonald's is as famous for its selection of food as it is for its propensity for terrifying mascots.

It's a popular enough chain to be involved in viral milkshake stories and actual news reports about car-driving 8-year-olds.

So we guess that it's no real surprise that Sgt. Swanton referred to the McDonald's calls as "the chicken nugget call."

As in, it's the sort of fabled nonsense that people call in to 911 all over the country, and it finally happened in Waco.

We've heard of that sort of thing with people furiously calling the police over late pizza deliveries -- we've all felt that blend of fury and hunger, but most don't lose their minds enough to actually dial 911.

So we guess that it's no real surprise that it happens at McDonald's from time to time.

McDonald's Mascot

But it is sad, though.

Like, people should be more responsible.

The employees probably should have made the nuggets faster and cooked them more thoroughly.

And the customer should definitely have acted more like a person and less like a hunger-induced tantrum.

McDonald's Bride

In the not-so-distant future, it's pretty likely that fast food places will be mostly or entirely automated.

Maybe then, customers can get their food at exactly the expected rate. Maybe even delivered by drones.

In the meantime, though, McDonald's is run by humans and sometimes humans mess up, or work slowly, or are in the middle of cleaning the fryer right when you drive up.

That's just how life works. Don't lose your cool.

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