Tyga: My Life is SOOO Much Better Without Kylie Jenner!

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Tyga should really just be grateful that Kylie Jenner put up with him as long as she did, and that the world seems to have overlooked the fact that he was dating a minor when he was already old enough to rent a car.

Instead, it looks like he's spending his time taking cheap shots at his ex.

What a class act.

Tyga Smiling

That Instagram photo is almost fine on its own -- well, except that Tyga's in it -- right?

Except that his caption, "Better Dayz," seems like he's bragging about how much "better" his life is since Kylie finally gave him the boot.

His spelling style's unorthodox, but this is from a guy whose name is probably a reference to big cats (tigers) but sounds more like boreal forests (taiga).

It's hard to look at his caption and see this as innocuous. If he were just having a good day, he'd surely have written "good dayz" or whatever.

"Better" implies that he had some not-so-good days, and he has to know that everyone will immediately think of Kylie.

This isn't even the first time that he's done this -- remember that diss track?

Ugh. What a way to regard your ex.

Especially when she's the only reason that anyone knows who you are.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner at Fashion Week

After it felt like Kylie had been dating Tyga for decades (really just 18 months -- Kylie hasn't even been alive for decades, yet), the couple that just couldn't quit each other finally split.

Speculation on the reasons for the breakup varied, from Kylie having grown as a person to her finally putting her foot down over how much advantage he was taking of her finances.

All of that sounds believable, to be honest.

And then there was the creepy age difference.

And the family drama with Tyga having a son came close to becoming Rob Kardashians' stepson.

Basically, there was every possible reason for their breakup to end.

And if you ever have doubts over whether or not you did the right thing, look for your ex lashing out at you on social media and then never look back.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Kylie's moved on with Travis Scott, and the two are even rumored to have secretly married.

It's admittedly kind of hard to imagine that.

Not because Kylie's so wise and mature, but because it's hard to picture something like that slipping past the all-seeing eye of Kris Jenner.

While Travis Scott isn't exactly a class act himself -- remember when he grossly compared Kylie and Kendall's bedroom skills? -- he is, at least, not Tyga.

The fact that we feel relief that Kylie's dating him just means that she's set the relationship bar so, so low for herself.

Kylie Jenner's Lingerie for Lipkits

Hopefully, whenever her relationship with Travis ends -- and it will, because all relationships end and also she's still just 19 -- Travis won't use the fame that she gave him take cheap shots at her over Instagram.

Like, Kylie can really rub you the wrong way sometimes, but nobody deserves to be torn down by someone they used to love.

Not even one of the Kardashians.

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