Nathan Griffith: Did He Accuse Jenelle Evans of Child Abuse?

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Jenelle Evans has done all sorts of wild and disgusting things during her time on Teen Mom 2, but thus far, no one has accused her of full-blown child abuse.

Obviously, many folks claimed that Jenelle is a negligent parent.

And more than a few have accused Jenelle of physical assault, but never against a child.

Jenelle Evans Kaiser beach pic

However, it now looks as though Ms. Evans will be forced to answer from some mighty serious allegations coming from none other than her former fiance, Nathan Griffith.

The news of the latest dispute between the parents of 2-year-old Kaiser comes to us courtesy of The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

According to the site, there many fans expressed concern in connection with a photo Jenelle posted over the weekend.

The image shows Kaiser at the beach, and the boy appears to have some dark bruises on his arm.

Some of Jenelle's followers stated their belief that they're the kind of bruises that might be caused by grabbing a child forcefully.

Kaiser Griffith Bruise Photo

It's important for us to point out that we are no way implying that Jenelle or her fiance, David Eason, have in any way behaved in an abusive fashion toward any of the children in their care.

But some folks on social media had no qualms about doing a LOT more than implying.

Many outright accused Jenelle and David of abuse, and it seems Nathan very understandably became concerned.

“If anyone dared lay a physical hand on either one of my kids, it would be hell on earth real freaking quick! #treadlightly #definitionofDADDY," Griffith tweeted.

Yes, Nathan sounds pissed.

Jenelle Evans Fake Baby

But there's more than one way to interpret that tweet.

He could be assuring fans that he has no reason to suspect Jenelle or David, and if he ever did, the hell on Earth would ensue, and whatnot.

Or maybe he's attempting to publicly call Jenelle out.

If that's the case it probably won't be long before he does so in a more formal setting.

Jenelle and Nathan's custody battle is ongoing, and the exes have been consistently upping the ante in terms of the accusations they level at one another.

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