Jenelle Evans: ANOTHER Custody Battle with Nathan Griffith?!

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Does Jenelle Evans just like fighting over the custody of her children?

Because that's really starting to look like the only logical explanation for what's happening in her life.

Jenelle Evans Holds Baby Bump VMAs 2016

Maybe she watched a little too much Maury growing up, you know? (Actually, that could explain a lot of things.)

Maybe when she gave up custody of her oldest son to her dear mother, Barbara, she did it in hopes that, one day, she could kind of, sort of get her life together just a tiny bit, then go to court and try to get the kid back.

"But wait," she'd have thought to herself. "Better be sure to do heroin and get arrested at least a dozen times to prolong things."

Maybe she likes feeling fancy, dressing up and talking to lawyers and judges. Maybe they make killer coffee at her local courthouse.

We don't know. But with all the years the custody battle over Jace has dragged on, and with how she keeps choosing awful, awful men to have children with, she has to like something about all the drama.

Jenelle in Pain

Otherwise, nothing makes sense. Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts.

We're theorizing about all this, by the way, because Jenelle has just launched yet another custody battle, this time with Nathan Griffith, the father of her younger son, Kaiser.

Yes, she's still in the never-ending custody battle over Jace, too, and yes, she and Nathan had a previous custody battle that was settled back in May.

Back then, they agreed on joint custody, with Jenelle getting primary physical custody.

But now, Jenelle's just not content with that agreement anymore.

She's filed a motion to get sole custody.

Jenelle Evans Kaiser beach pic

According to court documents, Jenelle claims that Nathan told her that his "mental health is not stable and that he is unable to care for the minor child."

Nathan also allegedly told her that "he has plans to move out of the country in the near future." It was also pointed out that he has "multiple pending criminal charges."

What's more, Jenelle was informed that Nathan has "a substance abuse issue and is unable to care for the minor child" during the small amount of time he does spend with the kid.

He "does not have a suitable and healthy home environment to exercise visitation with the minor child," and even if he did, he "does not regularly exercise his visitation with the minor child."

Nathan Griffith With Kaiser

And see, this is a tough situation, because while Jenelle is obviously awful, Nathan is just ridiculously terrible.

He's been arrested so many times, and much more recently than Jenelle. For example, he was arrested in August for breaking into his ex-girlfriend's house and choking her.

So yes, it's tough to root for Jenelle, but really, let's all root for Jenelle, just this once, OK?

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