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Earlier this week, we learned that Jenelle Evans did not get full custody of her son Jace in her seemingly endless legal battle against her mother.

Insiders say the judge’s decision was a crushing blow to Jenelle.

The Teen Mom 2 star, as fans know all too well, has been struggling to obtain primary legal custody of the boy for the majority of his life.

Jenelle has always talked a big game about taking Jace away from Barbara Evans, the only parental figure he’s ever known.

She famously surrendered the boy, whose father is the MIA Andrew Lewis, to her mother when he was just a few months old.

Yet for the first time in his young life, she has no pending charges against her, and appears to be leading a relatively stable existence.

It looked like she might be in a position to back up the talk and actually do it, in other words … if the judge overseeing the case concurred. 

Jenelle is engaged to David Eason; she’s successfully raising two other children; and she’s accused her mother of ulterior motives.

Jenelle Evans Mother's Day Image
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Barbara is holding onto custody of Jace for financial reasons, according to Jenelle … but did that factor into the court’s decision?

No. Even with all that in her favor, Jenelle still wasn’t able to convince a judge that she’s able to provide a stable home life for Jace.

In fact, the court placed several new restrictions on the younger Evans as a result of the Carolina Hurricane’s recent behavior.

To be fair, Barbara is bound by the new rules as well.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the judge issued a set of guidelines for both women upon ruling in Barbara’s favor.

In order to govern not only their behavior, but the activities of those whom they allow around Jace, they must shape the heck up.

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According to the judge’s decree:

– “They are not allowed to use illegal drugs (including marijuana), or let anyone else around them use illegal drugs around Jace.”

– “In addition, they can’t be under the influence (or have anyone around them who is under the influence with them) while they are with Jace.”

(We can’t help but think that one’s directed squarely at Jenelle.

– “They can not drink excessively while Jace is present, nor can they allow others to be drunk around Jace.”

– “They can not change their phone numbers or move without letting the other know.”

– “Also, if they take Jace out of the county, they have to let the other know where he will be.”

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– “The only people who are allowed to physically discipline Jace are Barbara and Jenelle. The agreement specifically states that no one else may do so.”

And finally:

– “Neither woman can restrict the other from having access to Jace’s school, medical or other important records.”

Additionally, the agreement outlines, for the first time, a plan for saving and meting out money that Jace has made (and will make) on Teen Mom 2.

The boy is, after all, a central figure in an ongoing storyline for a successful reality show, and should be compensated as such.

Now he will be. So while his childhood may have been endlessly tumultuous, at least he’ll be well cared for as an adult.

That much we can all celebrate.