Jenelle Evans: Custody Battle for Jace Gets Pushed Back AGAIN!

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Things have really been looking up for Jenelle Evans lately.

It's about time, huh? She just had her third child - and first daughter - little Ensley, but her journey of self-evolution goes beyond that.

Jenelle Evans and Ensley

She even has a stable-ish boyfriend in David Eason. He's a first for Jenelle in that she's never had to call the police to get him away from her.

She bought a whole bunch of land so she can build a beautiful home for herself, David and her two boys from previous relationships.

She hasn't been arrested in months and months at this point!

Not only that, but she won her latest court case, the one where she was accused of throwing a glass at the head of her ex's new girlfriend.

Yep, it looks like Jenelle has really turned over a new leaf.

Unfortunately, you can never fully outlive your past, and she's still dealing with one pesky little issue from many, many years ago:

Jenelle Evans Promoting Waist Training Products

That whole thing where she gave up custody of her first child, Jace, to her mother, just a little while after she gave birth to the boy. 

Then-teenage Jenelle basically realized that she liked hanging out with her friends and smoking weed too much to be a parent.

So Jace's grandma, the legendary Barbara Evans, stepped up, and she's been raising Jace - under legal custody - ever since.

Jenelle was fine with the arrangement for a while, but nearly two years ago now, she began the process to get her son back.

But the process has not been going smoothly, to say the least.

As Jenelle explained all the way back in August, "We haven't even had, like, one real court date trial for Jace's case."

Jenelle Evans Kaiser beach pic

She said that "It's been going on for a year and a half and my lawyer has been going to court for me and my mom's lawyer has been continuing it."

"She's continued it three different times."

Then, Jenelle was hopeful that the matter would be resolved in October, but thanks to Hurricane Matthew, that court date was canceled.

It was rescheduled for this month, but as Jenelle revealed today, that potential court date has since been rescheduled, too.

"About Jace's case," she announced on Twitter.

"It has been continued again from Jan. Until May!"

The 24-year-old reality star added that despite her repeated efforts, she hasn't "seen the judge once since filing in 2015."

Your Jenelle Evans Selfie

One of her followers suggested she ask her lawyer to "push to get the case heard," but Jenelle said that it wouldn't work.

She explained "I'm already on the priority list, but there are cases that are older than mine that are in the same position."

And judging by some other tweets she made last night into this morning, she's not feeling too much love for her mother right about now ...

She retweeted several messages from fans about last night's episode of Teen Mom 2, messages like "Barb wants Jace to keep you in her life."

"She is using him ... so sad & controlling."

Another fan told her that it seemed like Jace doesn't want to hurt Jenelle or Barbara's feelings by choosing between them, and Jenelle agreed.

"Exactly!" she wrote.

"I let the problem exist between me and my mom and try not to throw him in the middle. My mom then does the opposite."

She also suggested that Barbara might be hanging onto Jace to get maximum airtime on the show, which honestly just sounds so gross.

We can't see it from Babs. Even if she loves the fame, there's a little boy's future hanging in the balance here, and that comes first. Right?

Whatever happens, hopefully the May court date will stand, and this whole mess can get settled then, one way or the next.

After all, we really think Jenelle's already had enough drama for literally a million lifetimes ... but do you think she's ready for custody?

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