Josh Duggar Lawsuit: DJ Claims People Called Him "Duggar’s Boy Toy," Seeks Damages

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With the premiere of Season 4 of Counting On just two weeks away, this is probably last thing the Duggar family would like to focus on:

Josh Duggar is heading to court to face off with the man oddly caught up in his cheating ways - and the consequences could be severe.

Josh Duggar Cries

The disgraced first-born of Jim Bob and Michelle's 19 Kids and (hopefully not still) Counting is officially due in court Thursday, June 22.

There, he'll face off with the L.A. man whose photo he ganked for secret dating and hookup accounts, exposed two summers prior.

Incredibly, Josh bogarting pics of DJ Matt McCarthy to hit on women on Ashley Madison, OK Cupid and Twitter is still dogging him.

McCarthy sued him in August 2016, claiming that this act hurt personal and professional reputation and that he is entitled to damages.

The idea that Josh Duggar using his photos to hit on women irreparably impacted a guy that no one had ever hurt of? Kind of absurd. 

Still, Josh has been unable to settle or dismiss the case. 

Josh and Anna Duggar with Family

Where it gets interesting is that McCarthy's attorney wants to know about everyone Josh communicated with using the stolen photos.

To "better understand the extent of his deception," duh.

Put another way, there's a real possibility that every woman Josh contacted while using OKCupid and Ashley Madison may be revealed.

Of course, it's more than likely that those sites are complete scams and took his money while serving up fake profiles left and right.

How do we know? Danica Dillon, a dancer and sometime porn star, came forward almost immediately to allege an affair with Duggar.

No one else did so, and you can best believe that he did meet any women online, they would've come out of the woodwork immediately.

Josh Duggar and Child

We'd love to see Josh file a lawsuit against Ashley Madison and company for fraud, alleging that its female users are actually all bots.

Wishful thinking.

More realistically, Josh’s counsel looking to dismiss the case by arguing that having the proceedings play out in California is improper.

McCarthy’s side is arguing that since he lives in California and the (alleged) damages to his career happened there, the state is appropriate.

In the complaint filed in LA Superior Court, McCarthy claimed that his high school teacher called to tell him that Josh had used his photos.

The teacher then supposedly inquired if McCarthy had engaged in a sexual relationship with Josh, which is absolutely hilarious if true.

Anna, Joshua Duggar Photo

McCarthy says he was subsequently flooded with calls, emails, and harassment family, friends, professional partners, and even strangers.

He also claimed in court documents that he has been called Duggar’s Boy Toy and DJ Duggar, among other epithets, since the scandal.

Again, hilarious, but again, we're not buying the claim that being linked to Josh in this way caused him some kind of professional harm.

Yes, Josh is child molester and adulterer whose mere existence is highly offensive, but that doesn't mean this lawsuit is not frivolous.

McCarthy is seeking damages in excess of $25,000, which is possibly the funniest detail of all, since his legal fees could easily surpass that.

This is L.A., after all.

After the world learned that Josh molested his sisters - the Duggar girls recently filed their own lawsuit over that - his fans were appalled.

Months later, when he was outed cheating on long-suffering wife Anna Duggar, fans were even more appalled by the act, and hypocrisy.

Yet she somehow stuck by him after he was shipped off to a Christian-based sex rehab clinic in 2015 and stayed for over six months.

Anna Duggar is pregnant with her fifth child and there's even been talk of Josh returning to Counting On this season on TLC.

The Duggar brand may be in greater jeopardy, though, than Josh's marriage if this lawsuit really ends up in court next month.

Barring a last-minute settlement, we could get a steady drip of Josh headlines for weeks ... and none of them will be positive.

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