Josh & Anna Duggar: Forced to Wait How Long Without Sex?!

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It's been over a year since disgraced reality star Josh Duggar was released from rehab following six months of treatment for sex addiction.

Bizarrely, his stint in the "faith-based" Illinois facility was not prompted by the revelation that Josh molested five young girls as a teen.

Rather, the impetus was his second, far less egregious sex scandal.

Josh and Anna Duggar with Family

In August of 2015, it was revealed that Josh had cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar, with the help of the affair-facilitating website Ashley Madison.

For the quote-unquote family values lobbyist, it was peak hypocrisy.

At his family's insistence, he addressed the public fallout by by checking into a facility described as equal parts monastery and hard labor camp.

Needless to say, little in the way of traditional therapy took place.

These days, Anna is pregnant with her fifth child, and the Duggars have done a fine job of convincing the world that all is well in Josh and Anna's marriage.

(That effect has been achieved mostly by hiding them from public view, be it on social media or on TLC ... see gallery below.)

Most of the world was shocked that Anna would take him back, let alone consent to allowing a known child molester to get her pregnant again.

In the Duggar community, however, the confusion was different.

Those close to them were more taken aback by the fact that a woman of child-bearing age would wait a full two years (!) between pregnancies.

Well, it seems that the real reason that Josh and Anna "waited so long" (by Duggar standards) to conceive again has just been revealed.

And it has nothing do with her misgivings about taking a sexual predator back and welcoming a child into the world with him.

It seems Josh is still undergoing a strict form of "religious counseling" (again, not actual therapy) which mandated certain rules.

Joshua Duggar Pic

As part of said counseling, he and his long-suffering wife were forced to undergo a period of strictly enforced sexual abstinence.

“Josh is still in counseling after his rehab stay for sex addiction. He is going to a family pastor,” a source close to the Duggars tells Radar.

The insider points out, controversially, that this is “religious counseling, so it’s not like he’s getting actual help for his issues."

The source says the couple was forbidden from engaging in any sort of sexual activity at all following Josh's return to Arkansas:

“The reason it even took this long for Anna to get pregnant was because they had a wait period before they could have sex,” the tipster claims.

“They were in a rebuilding of trust phase."

Anna, Joshua Duggar Photo

Anna and Josh were permitted to have physical contact, presumably including full-frontal hugs since they're married and everything.

Beyond that, though? Pump the brakes:

"It was only kisses and hugs at first, as part of his therapy. They had a waiting period before they were allowed to have sex.”

Yes, those Duggars think abstinence is the answer to everything, but apparently when it comes to making him a better dad?

Let's just say it's not getting it done.

“Her pregnancy is going well, it's just tough," says the insider, noting that when the pariah was in rehab, at least she had help.

"Before Josh was home, she was living with the whole family and had all the girls help at the house. Now that he’s back?"

"He’s not really helpful with the kids," the source laments.

Stating the obvious, "having four with one on the way is incredibly stressful and a ton of work, and just Josh isn’t really a help at all.”

Josh Duggar is a less than ideal spouse?!

Color us absolutely shocked!

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