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It’s the question on the minds of Royal Family followers and Suits viewers everywhere:

Is Meghan Markle pregnant with Prince Harry’s baby?

The lovely actress and the very handsome Brit got together about a year ago at this time, but chatter over the state of Markle’s womb did not get started in earnest until this spring.

Meghan Markle in Black
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According to Life & Style, pals of Markle’s are wondering whether she’s pregnant already, considering some of her recent actions.

Consider this damning evidence against the star, courtesy of an anonymous source who spoke to that tabloid and who most definitely exists.

“Meghan’s friends are speculating that she’s pregnant because she’s avoiding alcohol and has been complaining about feeling nauseous over recent weeks."

Hey, those are totally signs that someone is expecting!

This same insider says Markle is "barely leaving the house" these days, which they take as another sign of pregnancy.

Gotta hide that baby bump, right? The British press would go BONKERS if Harry were to impregnate someone (even a serious girlfriend) outside of marriage.

Prince Harry: Engaged?
Photo via OK! Weekly

And that’s the catch, OK! Weekly now writes.

In its latest issue, the supermarket tabloid confirms that babies are very much on the brain for Markle and Harry.

But not before they exchange a few vows.

“They don’t want to wait long to have kids,” a source tells OK!. “But they do prefer to get married first, which means putting off babies for at least a year."

At the very least.

Pippa Middleton is getting hitched on May 20 (yes, contrary to various rumors, Markle is invited. EEEK!) and there’s no way Harry would be permitted to upstage this event by announcing his engagement any time soon.

When you then consider how long it then takes to plan a Royal Wedding… well… let’s just say you don’t need to run out and purchase and baby registry gifts for the couple just yet.

Prince Harry is Cute
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The thing is, Markle is 35 years old.

By medical standards, she’ll be considered a "geriatric" mother at this point, no matter when she gets knocked up.

As a result, a second source tells the magazine that the actress wants to take every precaution.

“She’s worried that, at her age, [any]] delay could complicate things," claims the mole, who says Markle has started talking with fertility experts about freezing her eggs. 

"She doesn’t want to take any chances."

Harry, of course, has said very little about Markle; plans to get engaged; or the possibility of fathering her child.

But did tell The Daily Telegraph on April 17 that he would "love to have kids."

So there you go!

This is totally gonna happen, people!