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Jenelle Evans isn’t very popular with her Teen Mom 2 castmates these days.

On Tuesday, Jenelle’s feud with Chelsea Houska erupted in epic fashion on Twitter, and it wasn’t even Jenelle’s first beef of the week!

That title belongs to the Jenelle vs. Kailyn Lowry bout that fans witnessed on the Teen Mom 2 after show on Monday night.

Photo via MTV

As you may have heard, Kailyn is pregnant with her third child these days, and like Jenelle before her, she unsuccessfully tried to keep the news under wraps during the early months of her pregnancy.

For weeks before she broke the news, fans were openly speculating that Kailyn was secretly knocked up.

Kailyn repeatedly denied it, which makes sense, as she hoped to go public with the news on her own terms.

But brushing off the rumors became considerably more difficult after Jenelle seemed to publicly confirm that Kailyn is pregnant.

Jenelle tweeted her congratulations to Kailyn several days before she shared the news of her pregnancy in a press release, and Lowry said on Monday night that she believes it was a cynical attempt to re-ignite an ongoing feud:

Kailyn Lowry Looks Happy
Photo via Instagram

“Jenelle tweeted something that she heard from the crew before I announced it,” Lowry said on after-show.

“I wasn’t planning to announce it that way. I didn’t get to do it the way I wanted.”

Kailyn speculated that Evans congratulated her to be a “smart ass,” adding, “We haven’t always been on good terms.”

After the show, however, in an unexpected turn of events, Kailyn seemed to apologize to Jenelle on social media, telling Radar Online:

“She apologized because it wasn’t me, it was Javi [Marroquin].”

Kailyn Lowry on MTV

Jenelle claims the reason for Kailyn’s contrition is that she realized the tweet she falsely attributed to Evans was actually posted by Javi Marroquin.

No word on how Kailyn might have confused the father of her second child with her rival co-star who lives in a different state, but hey, if this is the least unbelievable story Jenelle tells this week, we’ll consider ourselves lucky.

Amazingly, an anonymous source tells Radar that Kailyn actually did realize her mistake, and issued an apology to Jenelle simply to clear the air:

“They just haven’t always seen eye to eye at different times throughout the years,” the source said.

“She did feel bad about calling her out. Once Jenelle explained the situation to her privately, she did apologize.”

Jenelle Evans is Pregnant
Photo via Instagram

Yes, someone is apologizing to Jenelle Evans, instead of waiting impatiently for an apology from her.

This year is just full of surprises!

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for a reminder of just how bonkers the Carolina Hurricane really is.