Jenelle Evans: Dissing Chelsea Houska on Twitter?!

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As Teen Mom 2 fans known, the Jenelle Evans-Chelsea Houska feud is nothing new.

The co-stars have exchanged barbs on social media and made their distaste for one another apparent in multiple interviews.

The ongoing dispute heated up once again earlier this month when Jenelle and Chelsea both gave birth within two days of one another.

Jenelle Evans and Ensley

That may seem like a nonsensical thing to get upset about (Was Chelsea supposed to hold her baby in?), but this is Jenelle we're talking about.

The girl gets angry first and figures out a reason for it later.

Anyway, thus far, it's been mostly a cold war between these two, with the ladies allowing fans to throw shade on their behalf.

Yesterday, however, Jenelle busted out the big guns with this glorious bit of trash-talk:

Jenelle Evans is Pregnant

"Super hilarious when people think their sh-t don't stink," Evans tweeted.

"All sh-t stinks. You are no different than the rest of us sweetheart."

She followed that up with the obligatory laughing-to-the-point-of-crying and poop emojis.

Obviously, Jenelle didn't mention Chelsea by name, but it doesn't take much digging to reveal that the tweet was very clearly directed at Chelsea.

This latest criticism is the result of Jenelle's involvement with the live Teen Mom 2 after show

Chelsea Houska Smiling

The original plan was that Jenelle and Chelsea would be exempt from participating so that they wouldn't be forced to travel with newborn babies at home.

Now, however, Jenelle has 86'ed that plan in favor of sharing her two cents on the weekly show.

Jenelle won't be traveling with her infant daughter Ensley, who will be staying home in accordance with her doctor's wishes:

“I asked her doctor and her doctor said the air pressure was not good for her head. I tried to tell MTV I couldn’t go but still have to go,” Jenelle wrote on Instagram.

Chelsea Houska: Pregnant on Instagram

TM2 fans have been giving Evans flak on social media for what they see as negligent parenting.

Many say that Jenelle's claims that MTV is forcing her to take part in the show are bogus:

"They can't force her 2 go, especially since she has a newborn. She just doesn't want Babs telling truth," wrote one Twitter user.

Chelsea confirmed that theory, responding to the fan:

"They were very understanding of me not leaving Watson or flying before he has shots."

Watson DeBoer Image

Chelsea later added:

“Watson isn’t leaving mama’s side for a long time yet! We barely have left the house lol."

It was then that Jenelle replied with the tweet about Chelsea's delusions about her own fecal matter.

Chelsea has yet to reply, but we hope she's preparing an epic clap-back.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic for more of Jenelle's delusional insanity.

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