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Last month, social media was awash with rumors that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier got married during a trip to Vegas.

It wasn’t hard to see how fans got that impression.

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic
Photo via Instagram

After all, Amber and Matt cryptically hinted that that they were headed to Sin City for a wedding (without saying whose).

Her boyfriend then captioned a pic with the song lyrics:

"Going to the chapel, and we’re gonna get married…"

Predictably, Amber and Matt were bombarded with questions from fans who noticed these comments and/or took the bait.

At first, they totally ignored them, further fueling speculation that the Teen Mom twosome were low-key man and wife.

Eventually, the couple claimed they were in Vegas for a friend’s wedding, but didn’t post any pics or offer any info about the friend’s identity.

Matt Baier Book Cover
Photo via MTV

Fans remained skeptical, and now, Amber’s latest Instagram post has prompted a new round of speculation.

It all started with this photo of school project completed by the reality star’s adorable daughter, Leah.

Portwood posted the pic on Instagram, and fans immediately noticed her use of the word "stepdad."

“My stepdad’s mac and cheese is the best,” Leah wrote.

The seven-year-old continued, using the term again:

“My stepmom’s name is Kristina [Anderson], my dad’s name is Gary [Shirley], my mom’s name is Amber, and my stepdad’s name is Matt.”

Check out the cuteness below:

Amber Portwood: Married?

Now, there’s no real word for your mother’s fiance, so maybe Leah just decided to cut the BS and skip straight to the stepdad phase.

What’s interesting, however, is that Matt and Amber didn’t set fans straight when they began speculating that the Baiers are secretly hitched.

“When did you guys get married?” one fan asked her on Twitter.

“Stepdad?? So are y’all married already?” another commented.

Interestingly, Amber again has yet to respond to the queries.

Portwood and Baier have been engaged since last year, but there’s been some controversy over when and if they’ll actually get hitched.

Matt Baier and Amber Pic
Photo via Instagram

Baier is a deadbeat dad with anywhere from six to nine children from previous relationships, most of whom he owes years’ worth of back child support on.

Once he and Amber get married, his debts essentially become hers.

Considering Matt and Amber recently got evicted for failure to pay rent, we’re guessing they’re not exactly swimming in disposable cash.

Many believe Amber has decided to hold off on marriage until things are a little more settled financially, while Matt is pushing hard for her to say "I do."

Whatever the case, with how secretive the couple is being these days, it may be a while before we get another update on Amber’s marital status.

Stay tuned.