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Amber Portwood was on the verge of getting booted out of her rented home, and the Teen Mom: OG cast member says it’s all a misunderstanding.

One that resulted in her name being slandered.

Amber, Matt on Teen Mom OG

Portwood took to the Internet along with her fiance, Matt Baier, to set the record on reports that Amber is being evicted for unpaid rent.

According to Amber, she not only never did anything wrong, but she’s settled the beef, and is pissed that the owner trashed her in public.

Kisby Enterprises filed court documents looking to remove Amber and Matt from the premises, claiming they owed $2,640 in back payments.

There was also alleged damage they did to the place. 

Amber and Matt Blair claim in the video below that they never missed a single payment throughout the time they’ve lived in the home.

Moreover, they put down an impressive $32,200 up front.

Apparently the engaged couple had a point, because Kisby Enterprises TMZ there has been an "unfortunate misunderstanding" over it.

Long story short: Amber and Matt are staying put.

Amber and Matt on Instagram

The management company intends to withdraw the eviction filing, it says, though Amber and Matt are taking only limited solace in that.

Damage has been done to their reputations, they say, which may sound hard to believe given Matt’s reputation prior to this, but so be it.

As for Amber’s theory on why trigger-happy Kisby attempted to push the couple out, or was so quick to judge the two without merit?

See below, but we bet you can guess …