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If you wandered into Teen Mom Twitter over the weekend, you probably heard the rumor:

Thousands of fans were convinced that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier would be getting married in Las Vegas on Saturday.

And it’s not hard to see how they got that idea…

Matt Baier and Amber Pic

On Thursday, Matt posted an Instagram photo of a sign reading, “Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.” 

The couple doubled-down on the big tease in a statement issued to the Real Mr. Housewife website, which read, in part:

“All we can say is we are there for a wedding. As for who’s [sic]? Well that’s a surprise…People will just have to wait and see.”

Yes, it certainly sounds like these two were gearing up for a big wedding announcement, but apparently – they were just messing around?

Amber Portwood Pink Hair

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup did some legwork and discovered that Matt and Amber (or Mamber, as we like to call them) have not filed for a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada.

They also haven’t filed in their native Indiana.

But the biggest indication that Amber didn’t tie the knot with her deadbeat dad man is that her daughter Leah remained home when she and Matt headed to Sin City.

Those closest to Amber say that she would never get married without Leah by her side.

So why encourage the spread of rumors if she’s not actually walking down the aisle?

Matt Baier and Amber Picture

Good question.

The move doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

From the time Amber and Matt got engaged, fans were skeptical that they would actually get hitched, and this latest round of mind games is unlikely to remove those doubts.

(Folks who are actually on the verge of getting married rarely stage pretend weddings.)

Amber Portwood at Reunion

As far as we can tell this is just a manifestation of Amber’s need for attention.

While she’s not nearly as thirsty as some of her co-stars (we’re looking at you, Farrah!) Amber is still a reality star who’s been receiving near constant attention on social media since her teen years.

We suppose it’s only natural that she would indulge in an occasional stunt like this, especially since Matt seems to thrive on being the subject of rumors.

Amber Portwood blond

But none of that makes it any less lame.

Watch Teen Mom online to try and figure out what Amber sees in Matt.