Jenelle Evans: Is She Jealous of Chelsea Houska's Baby?!

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So this is a pitiful little story.

But it's a story about Jenelle Evans ... was there really any chance that it wouldn't be a pitiful story?

Jenelle Evans and Ensley

To recap, Jenelle had a baby, little Ensley Jolie Eason, on Tuesday. Sweet, right? Good for her.

But then Chelsea Houska, the best, most likable, most stable Teen Mom of them all, gave birth to her son, Watson Cole DeBoer, on Wednesday.

Do you see where this is going yet?

Poor Jenelle didn't even get one full day where all the attention was on her, which must have really hurt.

It must have hurt worse once you consider that having a baby is one of the only things that would inspire people to say anything nice about this girl -- not many would rip her apart right at that moment.

Jenelle Evans Baby Photo

And fans were quick to point out this unfortunate turn of events.

One of her followers pointed out to Jenelle that "She stole your thunder" -- and it's true. Chelsea stole that thunder, and she stole it hard.

Another stated that "Chelsea is family goals & Jenelle is the family you want to forever avoid being."

Cold. But accurate.

One person told Jenelle early yesterday that "Hahaha both pictures you posted don't have as many likes as ONE of Chelsea's pics. You're probably so pissed."

Jenelle Looking Stoic

So is it true? Is Jenelle actually upset that Chelsea had her baby so soon after she had hers?

Would she really be so petty as to be upset over some dumb social media nonsense during such a special time in her life?

According to Jenelle, she's totally cool with Chelsea.

"I really don't understand why everyone would think we would be so mad at each other for having our babies born so close," she tweeted last night.

She added an "lmao," so you know she's real chill about it.

Jenelle Evans Gaze

She also said "I'm actually happy for her and glad she got the little boy she always wanted."

How nice! And how unexpected, too, considering that Jenelle has never really gotten along with Chelsea precisely because of jealousy.

The two Teen Mom stars announced their pregnancy around the same time, and while everyone was so happy for Chelsea, people were concerned that Jenelle was having a third baby with a third man.

Ol' Bitter Bessie here tweeted "Funny someone else comes out with news they are pregnant and the world is overjoyed," then deleted her Twitter account altogether.

Your Jenelle Evans Selfie

And then, a few months before that, Jenelle got upset because Chelsea dared to start her own website. Jenelle had created hers months before, see, and it was a very original idea that Chelsea obviously stole.

"Monkey see monkey do...unreal," she tweeted at the time. "So over this show."

It's all pretty embarrassing, but we're glad to see that this new baby may have knocked some delusions out of Jenelle's head.

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