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We’re sure you’re not at all shocked to learn that Jenelle Evans has stirred up some new drama, but you might be surprised that for once, the target of her outrage isn’t her mother, or her baby daddy Nathan Griffith, but rather, two of her more stable Teen Mom 2 co-stars.

Jenelle Evans Pic

It all started last month, when Jenelle launched her own website in order to connect with fans.

Shortly thereafter, Chelsea Houska launched a site of her own, and because Jenelle clearly thinks that starting a website in 2016 is some sort of novel concept, she got super pissed at Chelsea for stealing her idea.

“Monkey see monkey do…unreal” Jenelle wrote, in a tweet that’s since been deleted. “So over this show.”

Kailyn Lowry quickly jumped to her friend’s defense, tweeting at Jenelle:

“They say imitation is the best form of flattery…It’s also flattering when someone thinks you’re copying them. Sorry babe, but no.”

Jenelle has yet to respond publicly, but insiders say it may be because she’s planning a lawsuit.

Yes, according to Radar Online, it’s not just the website that’s outraged Jenelle. 

Sources say she also believes that Houska contacted her publicity team in hopes of beating Jenelle to the punch on a skincare line and a number of other business ventures.

“Chelsea had contacted one of Jenelle’s publicist’s clients and it made Jenelle mad,” says the source. “She voiced her opinion, and then she was attacked by Chelsea’s fans and fans of the show.

“Jenelle’s working on a skincare line, has a new website, working on Potty Trainers and all of these other partnership things. Chelsea comes out with a website and reached out to Jenelle’s skincare person – Jenelle’s annoyed by the copying.”

A different source says Jenelle is the victim in all this, as Kailyn and Chelsea have basically teamed up against her:

“There is a lot of hate going on. Jenelle doesn’t speak to Kailyn anymore. She doesn’t speak to Chelsea anymore. They leave her out of everything,” the insider claims.

“There is a lot jealousy. They see Jenelle is in the spotlight and that she is working on branding herself a lot.”

Wow. Sounds like some serious drama. Frankly, we’re surprised Jenelle has time for all her Twitter feuds these days.