Kailyn Lowry SLAMS Javi Marroquin: You Blamed Me For Miscarrying!

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Remember when we all thought the Kailyn Lowry-Javi Marroquin divorce might actually go smoothly?

Ah, how naive we were.

These days, Kailyn and Javi's intense drama is playing out on both Twitter and Teen Mom 2, and fans of the former couple are concerned.

Kail and Javi

Urging them to think of their son before escalating, their social media followers are showing more foresight than they are, which says a lot.

If you watched last night's episode of Teen Mom 2, then you know that Javi and Kailyn weren't on speaking terms at the time it as filmed.

Kailyn's first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, was serving as an unexpected voice of reason who led the co-parenting efforts in Kailyn's absence.

While that was playing out on screen, additional drama was taking place on social media, as Kailyn went off on Javi for their failed marriage.

Or, as she described it, their "toxic" marriage.

In fairness, Javi started the confrontation when he offered up a sarcastic response to fan questions about why he and Kailyn parted ways:

Kailyn Lowry with Javi Marroquin Photo

"That's funny, I though we divorced because she didn't want more kids," he wrote in a passive-aggressive shot at his ex-wife.

Considering that several times in the past, Marroquin has implicitly blamed Kailyn for her miscarriage, it was an incredibly low blow.

Understandably, Kailyn was having none of it, and she immediately shot back with a pointed remark to put Javi in his place.

In a since-deleted tweet, Lowry went off on him, informing him that she may very well might want more kids in the future.

Just not with him. Ouch.

Read the full message:

Kailyn Lowry Deleted Tweet

"You blamed me for miscarrying & our marriage was toxic," Kailyn wrote, leaving no doubt who she was referring to this time.

"Why would I want more kids with you?" Lowry added.

Most fans were supportive, but some pointed out that for the sake of her kids, Kail should probably keep this sort of drama offline.

Clearly they don't know who they're talking to (online).

Apparently, she heeded that advice, as she deleted the tweet just minutes after posting, and composed this brief message to fans:

Kailyn Lowry Tweet

Interestingly, Kail must have been posting from an MTV studio.

Her Tweets went live while she and co-star Leah Messer were both in Los Angeles for live Teen Mom 2 after-show appearance.

The girls are both said to be less than thrilled with their latest job duty, particularly as the hosting gigs will fall mainly on their shoulders.

Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska both have new babies at home, so their share of promotional work has been passed on to Leah and Kail.

Who have three and two little kids, respectively.

It's not easy being Kail these days but you can watch Teen Mom 2 online to see Lowry and Marroquin in happier times.

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